Thursday, September 19, 2019

Writer Writer - Did you do your job?

Today I received a phone call from a friend. First off I had to race through the house searching for my phone with wet hair and expecting a telemarketer at most, a charitable request at least.

Instead it was a friend. She was in tears.

I was immediately concerned until I heard the reason why. No family members in jeopardy, no catastrophe of any kind. No - she'd read my poem.

..."It's beautiful. I can't stop crying. I'll be reading it again. And I'll probably cry again."...

These comments from a woman who I have never heard cry were some of the best words of praise I'd ever received. I couldn't stop smiling and all because I had her in tears. That wasn't right. The tears should have had me upset. But, the fact that my words touched someone that deeply was say the least - amazing.

Amazing. It's a dull little word. The only thing going for it is three syllables. I know I should have better words for what just happened. Richer words, deeper even. Words that reach into the gut. Wait, I already did that with the poem.

About the poem - it was inspired by my experience with my MIL who has dementia. I submitted it some months ago to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) yearly poetry contest. My fingers are crossed but I know the odds are high. For it's up against talent from across Canada. So whether my poem makes it past the first hurdle and places at all or whether it doesn't - to touch someone like that is what it means to be a writer.

Today, for me, that reaction - was amazing. It reminded me of the reasons I write.  Every poem, book or short story is different but in some way you hope it reaches someone - makes them smile, laugh or even cry. Because if I've engaged someone in some way, then I've done my job.


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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The Dead Sea, a tourist and a whole other  story!
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

An Official Take on an Unofficial Holiday

After a relatively bad August, at least as far as  weather was concerned, yesterday was glorious.  30 Celsius or 92 Fahrenheit, either way summer is back - a little window before fall drops the curtain. Today the weather dropped a degree or two but it's still nice and warm.

Beginning yesterday at our house we celebrated the last two days of foreseeable summer - at least as far as weather is concerned.  It’s an in-house holiday that the authorities have never heard of. In fact, I thought it up right after checking my phone late last week and seeing the weather forecast.

Here is day one of the unofficial last days of summer. 

No deadlines, no promotional quirks and no computer file organization - two hours writing related at daybreak doesn't count as a cheat - not quite.  Still I remember when summer meant freedom - hot sun, maybe a dip in the pool and basically a whole lot of fun. It seemed to go on forever when I was a kid.  And, while there's no dip in the pool, there's the promise of margaritas this evening and, before that, maybe a bike ride this afternoon. We'll see, nothing scheduled, just a day of warm sun and fun leisure.
And if a story idea comes out of all of this - bonus. 


Cheers to the last hot day of summer! At least here in the frozen north!


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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The Dead Sea, a tourist and a whole other  story!
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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Life and Words Go On

Ma D enjoying a walk with the cart.
I never thought the day would come when my MIL aka Ma D would need a walker. She didn't believe it either - so we call it a cart. Somehow the word cart goes over much better than calling it a walker. She can still walk on her own but some days she's a little shaky and her legs give out. I never thought a cart/walker would open doors though. While I knew it was all about keeping her safe, instead I found that the world expanded. Now, we can go for much longer walks together, because first there's the stability and second, but possibly most importantly, there's a seat that she can rest on. Suddenly taking a walk takes on a whole new meaning. Just today, we explored another section of her neighbourhood that she hadn't seen before.

And, we talked books - the three that are due out this fall. First up is the American Armor series, a two-book Harlequin Intrigue series.

     American Armor - Wanted by the Marshal
                                    Marshal on a Mission

Can he keep the key witness from harm…                                               She witnessed a robbery.            
before it’s too late?                                                                                   Now she’s a killer’s target.

And, my first women's fiction is only a few months from publication. I'm so excited!
Here's a short blurb of the book that I really think of as Cassie's story. 

         Forty is just around the corner and she's going no where fast. She never got that degree she wanted and her career just hit a wall. Life couldn’t get any worse for Cassandra McDowall. At least so she thought until she had to retrieve her confused and frightened mother from the local police station. She’d known that her mother was forgetful – now she knows that it’s so much worse than that, and there’s no going back. Her mother has rapid-onset Alzheimer’s and she needs her. But, putting her going no-where life on hold to move in with her mother doesn’t turn out quite the way she expected.  
It’s a dance of wills to keep one step ahead of mother who loves to dance, to laugh and to try new things. And soon, while Cassie finds herself extricating her mother from one potentially life-threatening situation or another, she also finds herself sharing the joy of an amazing foreign sunset or taking an impromptu skate with her around the local rink. 
 It’s a year where Cassie discovers a man she thought she could never love; and, a year where mother reveals a secret that threatens everything Cassie believes herself to be.

I'll have updates about "Cassie's story" as it nears publication.


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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The Dead Sea, a tourist and a whole other  story!
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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Wanted by the Marshal -

Wanted by the Marshal is out in paperback today!  It's the first in the American Armor series.

can he keep the key witness from harm... before it's too late?

After escaping a terrifying encounter with a serial killer, RN Kiera Connell lands in the protection of US Marshal Travis Johnson. In order to make sure she stays alive to testify, Travis has to thwart whatever danger comes her way. Normally, for a pro like Travis, that's not an issue. But focusing on the mission becomes his greatest challenge as Kiera's exposure threatens to unravel all his best-laid plans.

An RN in a care home, Kiera is a caregiver on and off the job, and it is her caring nature that finds her in a nightmare that threatens her very life. Set in Wyoming, where prairie meets mountains and the landscapes stretch forever, with a cat named Lucy (just along for the ride) - Kiera proves that she might have a soft side as she cares for the vulnerable in society but she's got a spine of steel. With, don't mess with me, Travis by her side - they face a nightmare that never seems to end.

The paperback is available today at bookstores everywhere, including:,, Barnes and NobleKobo


I'm participating with a group of authors at who is offering a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card. Following me on Bookbub gives you one chance to win. With each author you follow, you get anther chance to win. 
If you want to follow me on Bookbub and get a chance at the prize - I'm listed in section three - last name on the list. Just keep scrolling down the page.

Good Luck!!


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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The Dead Sea, a tourist and a whole other  story!
On Twitter:  @ryshiakennie

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

New York - On the Street

RWA 2019 has come to an end and I can't believe it's over. Time to test out the subway system which, after a confusing first go - a local is quick to point out what train is ours and after that, it's a breeze - almost. First up is the Brooklyn Bridge with beautiful views of the city skyline.

Then there was the trip to Greenwich Village.  Almost peaceful in comparison to the constant motion  of Times Square. It's pretty with lots of green space and dog walkers almost everywhere.
First up is a craft sale where the dresses and uniquely embroidered jean jackets at Inca Heritage caught my eye.  A jean jacket with gorgeous embroidery of hummingbirds and flowers originating in Peru is destined to return to Canada -  my first souvenir of New York. One I can see wearing years from now. Plus, good luck - I'm her first customer!

Then it's off to find the ten foot wide house that was once the residence of Pulitzer Prize winning author, Edna St. Vincent Millay and then anthropologist, Margaret Meade, as well as a few big names from movies; Cary Grant and John Barrymore. And, as far as being ten feet wide, not quite. The actual width is nine feet, six inches wide or 2.9 metres and that's just the outside width - the inside gets just a tad smaller!

Then it's off to Chelsea and Chelsea Market where a lunch stop is a necessity and a taco is in order. And then back to Manhattan, where a street market is an unexpected find. It runs once a year, for one day only with the proceeds going to charity. What are the odds that that day is today? It's a wonderful collage of street entertainment, all sorts of crafts and goods and unique places to stop for a bite.

All in all - a lovely self-guided tour of New York.

Tomorrow, a flight heading home.  One week flew by much to quickly.


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

New York - Landed and then some!

It took three days but I’m finally in New York!

Day 1
The hotel is so huge as to be overwhelming - at least on day one.  Registered in two places - hotel and

conference. Then, with signed author copies of my upcoming book in hand, I headed to the goodie room to display my books. The goodie room is where promo items are free and there’s everything from books to bottle openers. Two were gone before I left the room, the remaining twenty by the time I returned for a quick check less than two hours later. Meantime, the hotel is packed with authors and buzzing with book related talk.  I heard the making of a three author proposal on one elevator ride.  I had to quell the urge not to jump in and help out.

Day 2
More sessions to attend and even being here, there’s some I must miss and will purchase the recordings for later. One of the high points was finally meeting my editor. Met with her and another  harlequin intrigue author at a little Italian restaurant where we had good food and conversation. And a few hours later I meet the senior editor who has final say on all our books.  In a business that’s mostly run long distance , it’s great to finally meet up. conference time, a chance to connect.

Speaking of meeting, tonight is the Harlequin Milestone Party. Harlequin too has hit a birthday milestone and we’re asked to dress vintage.  So in vintage hat and gloves, I meet up with some other harlequin intrigue writers, as well as a medical author I met while heading for the lobby. We all walk over to the ballroom across the street to where we are met with champagne and dance socks. The socks turn out to be necessary as the dancing doesn’t stop.

Day 3
The high point today was meeting up with a group of authors, one from the same province as me, and two with the same agent. Got to talk books and just enjoy a bit of downtime.

Day 4
As I cruise the goody room one last time, I know I’ll be back.  All the stressing over what to bring proved unnecessary. As unnecessary as the jacket for cool hotel rooms.  I get cold easy but with all the running around, wasn’t cold at all.  That said, I’ll follow the Girl Guide motto - be prepared. And bring a jacket, just in case.


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

It happened Again!

After hours in the airport, through one line, two and then three - everything stalls as there’s more waiting for the status of the again delayed flight.

The news took forever but when it comes, it comes quickly and it’s not good. The flight has flat lined! Another overnight in Toronto and there’s no way around it with weather systems clouding New York skies.

Hours later with our first carrier offering no more alternatives except with a promise to return us from whence we came,okay return us home, other than that, they have literally bolted.

More time in the airport, more phone calls and a solution. Now with new plans to get to New York several days later than planned, I hope it will all work out. RWA conference in NY I’ll get there sooner or later.

No matter what happens, it’s time!


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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Monday, July 22, 2019

Day 1 in New York - Not Quite!

Heading to New York. It’s a place I’ve never been. So as the prairies trail behind us I look forward to what’s ahead.

I never expected this...

Day 1 didn’t work out quite the way I imagined nor how the itinerary outlined. Flight from Regina to
Toronto went without a hitch. In Toronto we boarded as a flight delay was announced.

Brief delay they promised.

That delay extended to a three hour wait on the tarmac.

 Flight delays morphed into cancellation.

New York will have to wait, at least for tonight.  Instead, we passed through customs twice without ever leaving the country. Then it was off to find our bags and figure out flight alternatives without an airline rep anywhere in sight.  So with no airline support there was a plane load of not too happy travellers.  

One good sleep later and we’re going to try this again in a few hours. Good thing I have a kindle full of good books because it’s a few hours yet before takeoff.

It’s a new day - New York here I come.


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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                                                         This gentleman posed with Ring of Desire in the Dead Sea.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

RWA Conference - The Clock is Ticking

It's that time of year, the RWA Conference is around the corner and after over a dozen years as a published author, I am finally attending.

Happy dance.

This year's conference is in New York. That's a bonus as New York is on my to-see list and I've yet to go there. So it's a trip of firsts.

But it's a bit of a project getting ready as I realized that after a work day spent in my basement office in front of a computer, there's been no need for office attire. Now I need clothes that look good and can be used when I return home. A shopping trip guarantees that I'll be the best dressed person in my basement office - population 1. Next up, a trip to the courier store for a proper size box for my give-away books. Then, notebooks to write down what I might learn - a few pens that actually have ink.  As I'm only taking my i-phone, I doubt if I'll be taking many notes on it - thus, the pens. Although, I plan to blog from my i-phone. We'll see how all that turns out.

So I'm shopped and almost packed and there's only days to go. The app that the RWA supplied is great at organizing the seminars and events I want to attend. No worries about remembering and getting there - there's maps too.

Before I had a chance to schedule the workshops that are listed for the event, the e-mail invites start coming. I'm published by Harlequin and they surprised me with all the events they have - from workshops, meet and greets, and book signings, to a vintage dance to celebrate milestones of both Harlequin and its authors. The vintage dance provided a whole new dilemma - dressing vintage. The dress I'd just bought wasn't going to cut it unless... one vintage hat - lacy half-gloves, and a vintage purse later and I think I've cobbled together something of a look.

And the most important, what I will learn and who I will meet. There's my editor at Harlequin and the authors who write for Harlequin Intrigue, along with some "sister agent" authors, and the author that shares the same province. Up to now, they've only been voices on my e-mail and social media but many of them will be there. I'm looking forward to meeting them.

It's a chance to discover other opportunities for stories that didn't make one publisher or another because they weren't the right theme, or right country, or right hero or heroine occupation, bad timing etc.  Books where none of the reasons for rejection were because of the writing - where the hero and heroine's adventure might yet find a home. Who knows what opportunity awaits.

Looking forward to it all. And, I'm sure that none of it will be like I imagine. We'll see how it all plays out. For now, my suitcase is just waiting for the lid to be flipped and for the adventure to begin.


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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                                                         This gentleman posed with Ring of Desire in the Dead Sea.

Monday, April 22, 2019

A Different Take on the Easter Bunny

Today's blog is a little different. I wrote a poem. I haven't written a poem in a long time. But with Easter weekend combining with getting my MIL out for a walk and that all intersecting with a line-up of children waiting for a giant Easter Bunny.  Ma D was enthralled. And, I was inspired.

                                           Mortal Ties
 The heart of Christianity
Married up to an Easter bunny
Blue jeans, a man’s shoulders and a fuzzy rabbit-like mask
A string of excited children 
The Easter Bunny 
  Stomps through fake spring flowers
    taking his oversized place 
            seated for the camera
    A string of excited children
   She smiles as she watches
Her skin crepe-like
  She shifts for a better view
     Her knees aching
As she watches
Loving the children
And knowing that 
    Time waits for no mortal
      And still 
            she watches


                                                        ...a world you never imagined!

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

What was I thinking?

I discovered the picture as I culled that ever-growing black hole of pictures that are just eating up space on my computer. It's thee picture, you know the one...that OMG moment it gives you as you stare in horror.

What was I thinking? 

I had the option of quietly walking away from the reminder. Sometimes what we do in the name of promotion should be forgotten and sometimes it needs to be remembered so that we never - ever do it again.

The timeframe: shortly after my second book was published.

The plan: To sell books at a rummage sale dressed as the  characters in From the Dust.

Some background - From the Dust is a prairie romance set in the depression era. So, sticking to the era - we attempted to recreate the characters.


Bad idea.

How bad? 

Well, first off, if my hero had really looked like my sister-in-law dressed to look like her idea of him, he might have been cast in a comedy and not in a romance. And Eva - well, I think she might not have been taken quite as seriously had she really worn that hat - and that dress and....  There's more I can point out but let's just say that live and learn takes on a whole new angle when one sees this picture.

For me, this Sunday -  it was good for a laugh.  And for all you fledgling authors out there, take note. There's promotion and then there's...moments when you can't take any of it too seriously. And as the saying goes - what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

Coming this fall from Harlequin Intrigue:  American Armour Miniseries


...a world she never imagined!

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Goat Yoga With a Twist

Feeding Furbabes  was the event going on in a local hotel. And while I still have my dog food cookbook on the back burner of things I mean to do, what had my interest was a demo of Goat Yoga. Who could dodge an invite like that? Apparently a few people I discover after sending out some texts. No one but me seemed interested in checking this event out.

So, who cares about the naysayers, there are eleven strangers who were on the same wavelength - goats rock.

This is a pet event so you can bring your pet! Great. I don't have a pet right now but I love animals so I was looking forward to some pet interaction. When the first one I see is a crazy happy puppy jumping up as far as his leash lets him, I reach down to pet him at which point he decided to wrestle my hand with his needle sharp puppy teeth. One bleeding thumb wrapped in a tissue- later, I'm signing in.

"I'm sorry there are no goats today."

Now that news just bites - harder than the puppy. And, as if anticipating this, there is a trio lined up to deliver the news. One of the goats is sick and from what I understand it is only precautionary, nothing life threatening. So, that's a relief. And the yoga is going on as planned...

But no goats. I mean, goat yoga isn't exactly anything but yoga without a goat. Not exactly true.

"It's still on but now it's puppy yoga," says the tall man at the end with a hopeful tone as if puppies fix everything.

Puppy yoga, hmmm.

"We can refund your money."

Nope. I'm in.

So puppy yoga it is. And with eight adorable puppies, a group of puppy wranglers and twelve yoga participants, it was an interesting event. Try to do downward dog with a real dog licking your toes. So after an hour of puppy cuddles and kisses, and some attempts at yoga - puppy yoga ends. Apparently animals in yoga is a bit of a thing. The instructor has a studio where she has cat yoga.

It's been fun and entertaining and I actually got some exercise. Plus, I reconnected with someone who I'd gone to obedience training with my puppy ages ago and yet it seems like yesterday. Now both dogs are gone. Time moves on and sometimes we say goodbye what seems like too many times. But now isn't time for sad thoughts. Instead we laugh at the memories of those puppies of long ago, as a real-time puppy has crashed in my lap.

So, yes - no goats but puppy yoga was a hit.

Goat yoga - next year, count me in! And I might be hoping that it again morphs to puppy yoga. Either way, it should be fun.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Coming this fall from Harlequin Intrigue:  American Armour Miniseries
Wanted by the Marshal
Marshal on a Mission

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Writing Between the Lines!

So this week there's been a few breaks in my writing. I've been working on a new proposal, a series and I've just received edits back on the first book in a Harlequin Intrigue mini-series that will be out this fall. I'm pretty excited about it and there'll be more in future blogs. But, right now, all of it, including American Armor, took a bit of a back seat to my MIL or Ma D (If you're new to my blog - Ma D is my mother-in-law or MIL, sometimes affectionately known as Ma D.)

Ma D has had a big week. There's been appointments, a birthday (which involved piano playing, of course! And,  at which she's a whiz) - all sorts of events packed into one week. The piano playing was fun but before we got to that, we had the appointment. Appointments are always a bit of a challenge. Especially because Ma D is used to being in charge. It frustrates her not to remember when and why she is going somewhere and that makes most appointments, especially medical, a bit of a challenge. To keep the frustration level down on both sides, after this recurring appointment is over, it's tradition to get her settled in the truck before returning to make the next appointment and settle the account. When I get back, she's not paying much attention to me but fixated on the street ahead of us. I shut the door and she looks over with a serious expression:

"Seventy-Five vehicles drove down this road and they're predominantly white." 

Nowadays, Ma D focuses on the little details; the child tagging behind his mother, the pink leash on the dog and vehicles - one of her faves. She's big on the colour of vehicles. I think she's always on the lookout for her fave type and colour - a yellow jeep. She doesn't mention it very much anymore but I can still hear her voice from years ago, excitedly pointing one out. Now, I can picture her in it with the wind lifting the sprouts of short white-tinged, grey hair in the wind. I can see the smile on her face. I imagine she might even speed, just a bit. Unfortunately, the driving days are long behind her.

But this isn't time for regrets - we're heading for coffee. It's an event that Ma D loves. So we head out, I don't check the seatbelt situation as, even now, Ma D is always good about buckling in but apparently the counting of cars took precedence. For the seatbelt reminder is dinging like crazy.

I look over and say, "Mum, you don't have your seatbelt on."

She gives me a puzzled look as she grabs the strap over her shoulder. 

"Yes, I do," she replies.

"I don't know. The seatbelt dinger is still going off." I can't really give my best attention to the situation without pulling over, something I'm now considering. I can see out of the corner of my eye that she's fumbling around trying to figure the seatbelt situation out. 

More fumbling.

"Oh my. I guess I don't have it on. I put the purse around my neck instead."

Every hour we spend together, every outing, Ma D teaches me that there's more than one way to live a life. And dementia sucks but it's not big enough to suck the fun out of a day. She plows through with her usual steely determination. With that in mind, there's no way I can ever complain about having a bad day. For she reminded me once again that dementia doesn't rule. While, she might be relegated to the passenger seat, she's not taking a backseat - not yet.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Top 5 Bookworm Hacks You Need To Know

This post is courtesy of Chelsea Parker from Pillow Talk Books. While I've never "drowned" a book in the tub, there is so much I can relate to especially with Number 2 - Finding Books Cheap. As a writer I'd like to say I've bought all my books full price. But as a reader I must say that I've bought books full price, half price, borrowed from friend or library and even bought them worn and well-loved at garage sales.  So here goes - enjoy...


The Top 5 Bookworm Hacks You need To Know:

1. Keeping Books Dry

We've all been at the end of a long, stressful day, when all you want to do is kick back with your favorite book and a hot bath. Only, you don't really feel like fiddling with your one-size-fits-none book tray, and you're not in the mood for blow drying your paperback after the inevitable surprise dipping in the tub. If you attach your book to something retractable, like a leash, you'll never have to worry about wet books again.

2. Finding Books Cheap

Balancing your book addiction and your budget gets a lot easier with bookworm hacks headed towards trimming costs down. Start off by changing your shopping habits! Wait for sales at stores, or hit up the sale events that libraries use to weed their collections. you can also find amazing books on daily deal sites like mine.

3. Moving Your Personal Library

Big moves require big planning, and trying to transfer a large number of books from point A to point B can be hard on your collection and your back. Instead of giving in to the temptation to load up as many boxes as you can, ration your books out. If you pack a box half full, then add softer things, like linens and towels on top, you'll cut down on the weight and provide built in cushioning for your book stash.

4. Bookworms and Book Bags

No bookworm hacks list is complete without book bags. They're one of the best ways to keep your books in order, cut down on buying habits, or make transportation that much easier. Bringing a book bag wherever you go is both environmentally friendly and safer than risking a plastic bag rip. Dedicated book bags can also be turned into handy reminders, if you have an overdue book problem. Hang the bag, or bags, on an easily visible hook, slap on a chalk or whiteboard patch and write down the due date.

5. Keeping your "To Read" List Trim

Having trouble keeping track of "what's next" on your reading list? Do you end up skipping over long-awaited titles to new books you maybe shouldn't have bought? Try leaving your planned next book out on a table, in the bathroom, or somewhere else you're likely to stumble over it. This also works for a book you've been having trouble keeping up with!

Being a bookworm isn't a job for the faint of heart, but anyone can use these 
tips to enjoy a good book, or two--or even two hundred.

Chelsea Parker is the scheduling editor at Pillow Talk Books.  Pillow Talk Books sends out daily emails filled with romance books from all genres. Stop by and sign up to start receiving great romance reads daily.  

Saturday, January 5, 2019

And the World Spins Into Another Year!

2018 was a tough year, there's no other way to put it.  I've seen enough emergency rooms, hospitals and doctors' offices to last me through 2019. Each time it wasn't for me but for other family members. Fortunately, everyone made it through and fingers crossed - it's all behind us.

But on to the rest of my year - getting my MIL settled in a care home. Turned out to be a lot more involved than any of us planned, and a lot more challenging. But now, she's there, and I think, for the most part, she's happy. Sometimes you can only do what you can do.

If you've kept up with my blog, I'm a dog lover without a dog - or is that pet lover without a pet, as I have had other types of pets? Anyway, these days I'm satisfying my love of creatures by enjoying the dogs of others, even those that unexpectedly arrive on my doorstep.

So, other news of the year included finding one lost dog on icy streets. A performance to get a frightened dog into the truck in freezing cold weather while keeping your balance on an icy street. It all turned out well. With fliers everywhere and the help of facebook - she did find home. But not before spending a comfortable afternoon in my living room mooching whatever treats she could and keeping out of the cold. In other news, the year has seen a small string of doggy houseguests - no not lost and found, there was only one of those - well, okay there was one other - also home safely.

Unfortunately there were a few furry friends in my circle that I said goodbye to in 2018. Jas and Gemma - you will be missed.

And on a happier note - a shoutout to two of my favourite Sunday morning coffee guys (yes they are both dogs): Dexter and Toby.

And on to book news:

My new two-book mini series, American Armor, will be
published by Harlequin Intrigue, September 2019 and October 2019.  I'm excited to see Wanted by the Marshal and Marshal on a Mission in print. More online and, of course, you can sign up for my newsletter to be at the front-end of the news. Linkups for that are also on my website. There'll be lots coming soon - so check it out!

From the Dust and Ring of Desire, will be released in audio book sometime in 2019. They are my first two books - and prove that yes I can write something besides love and death or, oops, I mean romantic suspense.

This year I actually made a New Year's resolution - truthfully a few resolutions. One that I know I'll keep is the books I'll be writing this year. So there's more romantic suspense coming at you - more on that  later in the year.

Cheers to 2019 may it be better than 2018 or at least equal to that and all the years that came before!


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