Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Legacy of Fear - The Countdown Begins!

Legacy of Fear, Countdown to Release

January 3, 2022 sounds rather futuristic. Futuristic or not, it's definitely going to be a good day! 
I know, you didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Why? Because I'm excited and I hope that everyone else is excited too.
So, here it is, January 3, 2022 is the day that Legacy of Fear will be released. What's more exciting even than the release is that it will be published not just in e-book but in print as well. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the print copy. Yes, I read e-books and listen to audio books but there's something permanent about print. You can't put an e-book on your bookshelf. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Legacy of Fear was inspired by Nushu, which is the only known language written by and for women. How cool is that - Nushu I mean, not the book - not yet.
About Legacy of Fear:
Andra Vandersan is an expert code breaker, as fiercely independent and beautiful as she is brilliant. Working in Hong Kong at the highest levels of deciphering. When her next-door neighbor is brutally murdered in a way that suggests the work of the Chinese triads, two things become clear: Andra was the intended target of the hit, and the assassin is going to return. Max True is a world-class linguist, a colleague of Andra's who once helped her break a code that would destroy a terrorist cell. When he shows up at Andra's door with a mysterious message, they realize they may have stumbled on a long-lost women's language that holds the secret to incredible power—and one that the most vicious men in Hong Kong will stop at nothing to get their hands on. As Andra and Max work to solve the puzzle of the language, they find themselves in a desperate race against time to escape the mysterious forces who all want the secret of the message—even as they surrender to the forces of an undeniable passion that brings them inexorably and irrevocably together.

......and in another world and on another note, my pal Sophie was no help in the blogging department. But she was determined that none of it would spoil her breakfast.