Friday, May 29, 2009

Running through the Kasbah

Traveling is really an art. A skill that is acquired in the field, not at home doing the research. The Kasbah in Marrakesh was a good example of that. I innocently took a picture of a local water carrier in his colorful traditional garb and wasn't prepared for what happened next. First he waved one of his gold gilded pots at me, then he snarled and grabbed another pot as if he meant to throw it. I backed up but when he advanced I only backed up more.

With neither of us communicating in a common language we were lost. I only saw aggression and he obviously thought he was a victim of my camera. All I knew is that there was only one thing to do with a man advancing on you while crazily waving pots.


Next thing I knew I was running through the Kasbah with an enraged water carrier in full pursuit, his bright red outfit a perfect mesh for his flushed complexion, his golden pots glinting in the sun as he waved them overhead. And the words he shouted, well I didn't have to understand them, they were pretty much universal at least in tone and not something uttered in polite company.

No, there was no crash ending to this story. It's a much more rational conclusion as my husband came upon the bizarre scene and realized that maybe it was only a case of a missing business transaction. The water carrier only wanted money for the picture. That was it!

Sometimes the solution is much simpler then we think!

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Teresa said...

HA!! That's a great story!! I'm still laughing! I would have LOVED to have been a little bird in the sky for that one! Whew...all he wanted was some money...too funny!

A great story to welcome you back to blogging after a hiatus.
Glad you're back!