Friday, April 11, 2014

The Fabulous Letter J

J is for so many things.  Funny, this morning I couldn't think of a thing.  That, I suppose, could be because I had only just tied into my first cup of coffee and the morning had begun a little too early after a night that started too late.  Of course, I can blame all of that on trying to get too many things done at once.  It was another case of Friday coming too soon.  Not that I don't love the weekend but that's when I kick back and relax and I still have things to do. 

Ah - but I'm way off track and I've had my coffee, and J is starting to heat up.

J - the fabulous letter J.

First off, J is for my current hero - Josh.  Josh is busy trying to get his heroine out of Malaysia and out of the reach of the rogue biker gang set on killing her.  But Josh has a problem...he's falling in love.

J is for Jon another hero's name.  I suppose I like the letter j in a name.   I didn't think about that until now but there's some truth to that.  J has a solid sound to it.  It's a hero my heroine's can rely on starting with the name and ending with...well, you'll have to read the book.

And lastly J is for joule.  I had to put this in - maybe a nod to my last physics teacher, even though a physicist I was never going to make.  Joule, that little measurement of energy.  And while it's not quite a joule that I need and it really has no correlation to what comes next, I'm going to say it anyway.  Joule or not, I need to amp up to get through my to-do-list today.  Fortunately, some of it is fun - banners and story endings and a tour of a friend's new house.  Maybe, all of it is fun, we'll see how it fans out.  Right now it only looks like it's packed into too few hours.  But that's how Fridays tend to be, don't ask me why...they just are.

How's your weekend looking?  See any J's going forward?

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