Monday, April 14, 2014

L Leads The Way

This blogging the alphabet has been rather a learning experience.  It's interesting how many words the letter l leads, as in first letter of the word.  So far, in the first sentences of this post, that's; learning, letter and leads.  If I look to my right,  blogger is showing Post Settings of:  labels, links and location.  On the table just in front of me is the Reader's Digest that I always read second hand from my mom who has subscribed since before I was born.  All that aside, I see the title "Defeating Death Embracing Love".  That title grabs
me and makes me want to pick it up and read it.  It seems that love mixed with anything dire, such as death, usually does - grab me that is.  And, of course, love and the letter l.

But it's not all good for the letter l.  I found one place where I'm not liking l so much.  It leads off the word line.  And as this is income tax season I see the letter l and the word line a lot as I complete the family tax forms. 

Enter on line 1,
Enter on line 2,
Enter on line 3
Enter on line 264...

... and on it goes until your eyesight fades or your fingers wear out.

Another downside to the letter l - it kind of looks like the number 1.  So when faced with the dreaded captcha, the letter l can be a little bit devious.

All in all, the letter l is a handy little creature that shows up more times than I suspected.

So let's live, love and laugh our way through today - cheers to the letter l.

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