Saturday, April 12, 2014

Good Luck With Number Eleven

It's coming up elevens.

I have a good friend who swears by the luck of the number eleven. Using that theory as a starting base, I have to say that today is a very lucky day for in the world of alphabet blogging, today is time for number eleven.  Wait for it...

Drum roll...

It's center stage for the ravishing letter K.

And what does K have in store us besides holding one of the luckiest placements in the alaphabet?

Well, let's see:

K is for kill which is an ugly word for most people but in the world of romantic suspense, it becomes a necessary word.  It's an active word that describes the evil that gets perpetrated before the hero and heroine put a stop to it all and ride off into a ravishing (each other) type of sunset.

K is for kudos.  A strange kind of word that probably began as a slang but now has found it's place
right along every other word in Dear Old Merriam's pages.

K is for King.  Yes, I had to go there.  Stephen King, the author who made me a horror addict as a teen.  I don't read a lot of King now but I am rereading The Shining because you know there's now the new book, yes I admit I forgot the name but it's waiting on my bookshelf, you know the one - the one where Danny grows up.

Okay one more and then I have to go and pay some attention to that book that just won't finish itself.

K is an abbreviation for a few things, one of them a thousand.

So now it's off to work another hour or so before it's time to enjoy a Saturday evening.

Here's a little k - for good luck.


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