Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Day Another $1.50

Okay so the title has no real reference to anything in this post.  I was just trying not to be cliche.  And it sounded like a good title.   Don' t call every morning my most creative!  But on an obviously less-creative day,  I'm here at my desk pecking away and it's dark outside, dark and chilly.  What happened to those lovely long sunshiny days of summer when the mornings started early and the warm evenings ran late and...quick someone pull me back to reality!

Those days are officially over, that's clear as the furnace rumbles and the trees that keep spitting leaves that cause me to slog outdoors - yes that is slog because my gardening sandals are finally falling apart, and rake.  Wait, didn't I say that was free exercise?  Insert happy smile here - can hardly wait to rake.

Fall.  That time when strangely, while the plants are dying and summer stuff is being put away, we're all rushing to begin new things, start new programs, make new commitments.  With summer behind us, it's time to let go of the old.  In a way, at least for me, I'm more enthused to commit to something new now than I am to make say, a New Year's Resolution.  I know I'm for sure more apt to carry it out.

This year, it feels like there is only more and no new maybe because I haven't signed on for anything like a painting class.  Wait, I don't paint.  Instead there's a new story that is very close to moving from draft to first reader's hands.  And then there's all my side projects related to books that are already published, some ideas I have for one in the middle... and the projects, well they add up.

I've over-committed which only results in feeling overwhelmed.  I suspect much of this feeling is because, as one friend just reminded me on her facebook post, one must get organized.  And as much as I may want to tease her about her organized cutlery drawer, I think she may be right.  Organization does make everything clearer and it's easier to multitask when you have a clear flight path.  So one place I need to start is my computer files.  Time to dump some mail and take a look at the tired versions of stories that never made the cut, or old versions of those that did.  And create some folders for these new projects currently resting in the folder called 2012.

I've been dodging the cleanup thing for quite some time, telling myself that I don't have time.  But as I went through the long list of e-mails, many of which have no relevance to anything anymore, I found my place to begin.  Time to forget about moving everything to a new folder where it can be promptly forgotten, it's time to dump - ruthlessly send to trash and then horrors, hit "empty trash."

Yep, it's time for fall cleanup.  Let go of the old and grab onto some new.  I'm ready to go forth and attack, but first...  Wait, I think the living room walls need a wash down.  Yep, I think I'll start there.

And some of those things I'm working on, I'll post them over on my website and on the sidebar here for any of you that are the least bit curious.

So, anything you're dodging this week?


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