Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Bit Of Lazy Goes A Long Way!

So you've all heard me whine about the doldrums of winter.  Good news - I'm not into any of that today.  Nope, today I've taken the day off.  For two reasons; one it's my wedding anniversary and two, because I don't think I could bear one more predawn alarm call.  I've been at it pretty hard the last few weeks and as a result there's a story that's finally been whipped into shape and a plan for a few manuscripts that may not need to be whipped but possibly a tamer version of a scale down - a Weight Watcher's version.  And I'm only steps away from finishing off that proposal.  New is again on the horizon and I'm excited to dive in.

Sometimes a day off is exactly what you need to put the excitement back into motivation. 

And on a totally different topic, I suspect that Siri may be a Southern Gal.  Now some of you might be asking who the heck Siri is?  She's the voice of the technology that functions as an office assistant as well as answering basic questions posed to Apple's latest iPhone.  So when asked the temperature today, Siri's little electronic voice blurted "brrrr".  I took her word for it and headed out in my completely unfashionable ski pants (hey, what do you expect for ski pants that were never the height of fashion and that if they were human, would be old enough to graduate high school?), toque and industrial mitts.  Let's not say I was turning any heads on this venture, except maybe on the "what is she thinking?" variety.  Anyway, temperature wise - turns out her idea of brrr and mine didn't jive.  It was only -12 C without the usual breeze (that many not from the prairies might call a brisk wind). All in all,  brilliant sunny winter day.  I was hot after a few blocks and sweating after ten.  Oh well, I suppose sweating is good.  Many people pay money at a gym to work up a good sweat.  So thank you Siri - I think.  Speaking of Siri, while there's a few spoofs on the technology - Have you seen this one? 

Tomorrow I'll be back at it and excited again to be there.  What does time  off do for you?  Any planned in your future?  And I don't mean the kind where you're on the whirlwind overseas or even overland excursion but the kind where you shut off the world and just enjoy the day.

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day!

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Lisa McManus Lange said...

Love the post about Siri....telling you it was 'brrrr' outside. Great post on the cold, and congrats on getting that manuscript done! I need a Siri that urges me to keep writing, no matter what is interesting on the net! Stay warm! Lisa McManus Lange

Ryshia Kennie said...

Thanks Lisa. Siri does have a liking for brrr - not sure what she'll say in the summer. Can hardly wait.