Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Life Raft or a Laptop

I just surfaced to discover it's October.  I know raking leaves a few weeks back should have triggered that the seasons were changing.  But no I was firmly mired in my over-committed summer. 

The mention of Halloween makes me want to bestow that cliched look of horror and not one usually associated with that holiday.  It just feels like summer can't be over - that this is it.  That's all she wrote - put the Margarita Blender (and yes both words should be capitalized!) into the cupboard for another year.  I don't care that the sun hut has been unbolted from the deck or that the lawn ornaments are now tucked in the shed.  The weather is still great - this can't be it.

Besides I still have writing to do - writing that I thought would be done, well way sooner than now but than the summer was much shorter than I thought too.  Two projects in various stages of completion and both of them heading for a finish line.  I'm exhausted thinking about it but amazed that another month from now (optimistically speaking) they'll both be complete sans possibly a critique or two. 

Maybe that's why autumn snuck up on me.  I had the blinds down and the only light was the glare of that darn laptop. 

Seriously, I did enjoy summer - I even lugged that laptop out to the new sun hut.  In Saskatchewan, it would be renamed a bug hut.  Not a hut that a bug loves but one the pesky things can't get in.  I'm still mourning the take-down of that hut - did I mention that?  That was the announcement that summer was over.  The most I can ask for now is an extension on the beautiful fall weather. 

And just to make sure that's what happens - I refuse to put on socks until Halloween!  Chilly toes or not, it's sandals until the end of the month.  And maybe there's hope for me to embrace fall yet, even as I write this post I'm starting to look away from summer and toward Halloween.  Hey, I've seen a few Halloween contests floating around the web.  Who knows what may come of that...

How's October looking in your part of the world?


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