Friday, June 25, 2010

Reality Nips At My Heels

One more celebration last night to commemorate this new reality.  And despite thunder claps made to frighten even those unafraid of storms, a massive downpour of rain, hail almost the size of ping pong balls, and a moat built around our house complements of road construction and the storm, it was a good time.  I don't know about you but I'd rather see ice cubes like that floating in a drink than landing on my deck.

So this morning I woke up and realized this is my life.  The job is behind me and it's time to stop staring out the window and get on with it.  Besides, there's no Gradall to watch today.  So after a walk with the dog - the plot glitch has nicely ironed out as it always does.  Of course, this time I can't give the dog all the credit, my agent and his suggestions have made me reassess my plot which wasn't as solid as I so blithely thought only a short week ago. 

But it's just not writing that is the reality today.  Getting it together and getting it done seems to be the theme.  The washing machine is running in synch with the dryer and the computer is humming in synch with my thoughts as I edit another chapter while the machines take care of the laundry.  Today is a day of juggling tasks and moving forward into this new phase.

This is a big curve in the road but I like to think of it no different than all the small curves that came before.  All that is required is a change in thought and a firm step forward.

And I know for all you parents out there - there's some big changes happening this week - school's out.  I saw evidence of that on my walk as I passed a school with the happiest looking kids I've seen in a long time.

Any changes in your life or is it just one step at a time?



Marcia Colette said...

Other than the new job, which I'm adjusting nicely to, one step at a time. I've finally figured out a new writing schedule that involves only thirty minutes a day (*sigh*) which is thirty more minutes that I was getting.

And hail in June?? I think those of us in the south would probably think Armagedden had finally come if we had seen that. ;-)

Stay warm up there.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Change is never easy is it - but sounds like things are going good.
And - thirty minutes - virtual hand slap - do we hear thirty-five :)

What, no hail after a blistering hot summer day - not that it's frequent but it's not abnormal? Not in the south - who would have guessed.