Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is This a Job for a Romance Writer?

Today, while mulling over plot issues and musing about the weed situation in my flower bed - I discovered the best job in the world for a writer.  The answer was sitting right outside my front door.

Gradall Operator!

For those of you considering what that might be - here it is, the machine that has 
been ripping out concrete and pavement on my street. 

Picture this - sitting in your cab, King of the World and all you survey.  After all, no one does this better.  And the supervisor has wisely remained behind at the office - don't annoy the man hefting slabs of concrete big enough to annihilate your existence on the planet.  Like an over-sized Tonka - dip, scoop, lift, dump.  It is a rhythm that is made for considering other things, like the intricacies of story lines.

I consider whether, as he easily maneuvers that bucket, he's thinking; "If Alex killed Josh with a single shot to the head - what kind of gun would he have used?  How much blood?  Where?  Who found them?  How will our heroine ever link up with the hero if she thinks he was the one holding the gun?  And when she's finally cornered will she run or shoot the villain with the 45 Glock she's hiding in her coat pocket?

Yes, as I said, if I were in the employment line Gradall Operator just might be the perfect job - at least for someone in my line of work.   Of course, there is the issue of whether or not the hard hat comes in a more appealing pastel.

The perfect job - what's yours?



Anonymous said...

The good news or the bad news? The good're thinking like a suspense writer. Murder. Weapons. The bad news? Your first day as a full-time writer and you're looking out that window and at the street!!! Put up a blind and don't let yourself look out. Believe me, there is a whole big world out there that will distract you. This is the voice of experience. Maybe even board up that window!!


Ryshia Kennie said...

If I board up the window I think I might become the story. Thanks for the laugh! I have moved back down to my basement for the day with no view of the front street - or for that matter, anything at all.