Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lizard, Monitor, Dragon - Wow!

It was a quiet morning for a walk on the beach. Langkawi, Malaysia. The ocean gently curled against the sand and overhead the sun was still comfortably warm. A tranquil time to gather one's thoughts before the day began in another whirlwind of incredible sight seeing opportunities. For now there was peace or so I thought.

That was until a large gray head emerged from the ocean and flat eyes rose just above the surface to drift over the beach. A modern day dragon. I watched riveted - not unlike watching a horror movie where we know a heroine is about to die. And I wasn't alone in my reaction because just to my left was the only other occupant of that stretch of "almost" deserted beach, a German tourist who with one oversize lizard and a language barrier between us, only looked to me and back at what was emerging from the ocean. And there we stood for long minutes as the water monitor slowly made its way to shore and stood between us and safety. I don't know if it ever saw us. I assume it did although it made no indication that it sensed we were there or if it even cared. I presume the latter.

So there we were - two strangers on a beach facing a lizard that appeared as large as either of us. A lizard who nonchalantly made his way from an early morning swim or (I prefer not to think of this) meal, across the sand only feet away from us and back into the jungle - totally unconcerned about the wow factor he trailed behind him.

What's your wow factor?

From the Dust

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ryshia,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. And glad to visit yours! I'll definitely drop back in to vicariously live your travels. Love the photo header.

Cheers, Lisa