Friday, January 2, 2009

A Novel Versus Real Life

"This isn't one of your novels."

Yes I have heard that line from more than one person close to me. Not frequently, mind you but every once in awhile. Should I be flattered or annoyed? After all, someone is paying attention to my novelistic tendencies. Or are they just being annoyingly facetious? Either way the statement does pose a question.

Does real life differ that much from fiction?

And as romance writers do we tend to create the world we would love to populate or maybe just the perfect relationship? Most days I don't think so. At least not the fiction I create. In fact often I would hate to be my characters. Forced to face what they fear most, they survive betrayals and tragedies that are only limited by my imagination. And mostly the poor dears aren't that comfortable. I mean who would be facing poverty, a dust storm, slogging lost through a Borneo jungle, facing off against a drug lord or...

For everything good that might happen at the end of a romance would I step through the minefield that I have forced some of my characters into?

Today, I'd take a deep breath and say maybe not. Of course, maybe it's just that my real life is pretty good. What about you? Would you prefer the pages of a novel to real life?


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