Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love is Blind

With Valentines day around the corner I was thinking is love really blind? I know it's one of the oldest cliches out there but in my stories I like to think or at least create a world where love mostly is blind. Of course there is the antagonist who hates pretty much everyone but for the most part - the love part - differences are something that can always be overcome. In the real world, maybe not so much.

But can romance fiction ever fix the world? Probably not. Some days I think that if there were no differences we'd create some just for something to fight over. But today, I'm not thinking that because true or not this video makes you think about how things could be. We tend to think of animals as sort of a them and us situation. But if you've ever met an elephant, this video will be that much more poignant for you'll have felt that disturbing connection from a creature who is full of personality, intelligence and curiosity. And, of course, we all know about dogs. So give the link below a click and let's meet:

And isn't that what romance is all about, getting past the differences?

In the end is love really blind?


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