Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Glimpse of China

I promised some weeks ago that I'd have guest blogger fresh from China.

A Glimpse of China
as seen by June

I can understand why Hong Kong is called the gateway to the Orient. It is amazing. There's a sense of elegance and vibrancy about the city.

From Hong Kong it was onward through China where we saw; The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Tianomem Square, and the Ming Tombs. The Forbidden City went on and on and I thought we would never get through it. Using the facilities in these places is an experience and in some cases was a matter of not gagging to death. I think an old outhouse would have been a palace in some cases!

The next stop was Guilin which was one of those places that I was really looking forward to. To me, it is the picture of China. Limestone peaks dot the landscape. The highest single peak in Guilin is 66m and no building is allowed to be taller than this peak. It is a quiet and beautiful country side. Took the Li River cruise and the meal on board the boat that was highlighted by a bottle of snake wine being passed around with the snake still in the bottle. Let's just say I stuck to the beer and passed on the wine!

On a bamboo boat ride through the farming communities in the surrounding country side, I watched the cormorant birds fishing for the old fisherman. I even had the bird placed on my arm where it sat with its wings extended. On the last day in Guilin it was time to see the reed flute caves and for a cable car up Hua Mountain. The car is like an open chair lift. It was a beautiful hot day and the view was spectacular. Cable car or not, I still needed that foot massage at the end of the day. A luxury, that while it exists, one doesn't often see back home. Guilin was a place that I did not want to leave and would go back to again and stay for at least a week. It is truly the most spectacular place I have ever seen in all my travels.

The trip ended too quickly. Back in Hong Kong it was a trip up Victoria Peak and a view of the Big Buddha, a day in Macau and home. With winter weather to face at home, I don't know which I'll miss most, the warm weather or the interesting people.


I don't know about you but I loved the opportunity to see the pictures of Hong Kong. The description of Guilan only made me want to hop a plane.
And you - where are you travelling next?


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