Thursday, January 11, 2018

It's Never Too Late

It's never too late for a New Year's resolution.  It's 2018 - hard to believe, where did 2017 go?  Coming off the chocolate fuelled holiday season I've finally sat down to make some resolutions.  That's something I've done in past years but not well.  None made it to the next new year.  This time I'm changing things up.  I waited until the holiday season was over, until  today actually, mid-January, to begin it all.

Back in November  of 2017 James Atkinson asked me to review his latest book.  While I've reviewed his books before, and they are all great fitness guides, this book really resonated with me as one of my resolutions is to get fit.  While I don't need to lose weight I sure could use some muscle.  So recently, I've been trolling gyms and deciding where to join and feeling decidedly like a fish out of water.  So I picked up the book I'd so recently reviewed, Health & Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life and found the section on those first ventures into a gym.   The book is an easy read - easy to follow.  It leads you from the beginning through the dark days of motivation to finding your fitness zone and keeping at it.

My favourite part of this book is not only does it touch on mindset, diet and fitness, James provides a 25 step guide (yes, there's a reason for the 25 steps) that you can begin now and work through 2018.     

Here's my review of "Health & Fitness Tips that Will Change Your Life"

“A healthy mind starts with a healthy body: a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.”
The author gets into the heart of body/mind and how the discipline to mold a healthy body also includes forging a healthy mind and attitude toward life. While enforcing the tie between mental and physical health there are tips to strengthening motivation to reach fitness goals. With the addition of a free exercise guide this book makes getting fit seem doable.

It's written for the every-day person trying to get fit and/or drop a few pounds. Implement a change every two weeks using a 25 step program that runs over the course of a year. It begins with something as simple as walking before breakfast in the morning. Simple - doable. A routine complete with motivation that’s easy to follow."

Check out James's website here.  You can't help but get motivated!


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James Atkinson said...

Hey Ryshia,
Thanks for a great review! I'm really glad that you found the book useful. It would be good to hear how you get on through 2018 so let me know if you hit any road blocks, always happy to help where I can.

All the best

Ryshia Kennie said...

Hi James

I've found all your books useful, some were a little too ambitious for a newbie like me. But this one hit the mark. That's what I love about all your books. Some work better for some people than others but there's something to learn from each of them.

Thanks I'll definitely be following up - cheers to 2018! Let's see some more people signing on to 2018 - the year of change.

John Doe said...

great article! thanks for sharing and keep it up!