Monday, November 20, 2017

Sheik Defense

Sheik Defense is on tour.  If you haven't read Sheik Defense, check in and see what these book bloggers have to say.  The last in the Desert Justice series, it can be read as a standalone or lead you into the world of the Al-Nassar brothers.  From Morocco to the windswept plains of Wyoming, these brothers seek justice and in the process find love.

He's the one she can't remember, she's the one he can't forget… 

Tossed overboard, Ava Adams had been left for dead, drifting at sea. But security specialist Faisal Al-Nassar was determined to find her. He owed her father a great debt and had never forgotten the connection he and Ava had once shared. Yet after rescuing Ava he discovered she barely remembered him

Amnesia had left Ava uncertain of who had tried to kill her. She did know, however, that Faisal was a man she could trust. The sheik's embrace was familiar and enticing…and possibly even more dangerous. How could she succumb to feelings for her protector when what she didn't know could get them both killed?

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Ryshia Kennie

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lest We Forget

It's Remembrance Day 2017 and while we should remember the sacrifices of war and those who fought and still fight for us, each and every day - today is set aside to make sure that we don't forget.  In my comfortable house with the furnace pumping warm air and the snow chilled quiet outside marred only by a few squirrels, war is hard to imagine.   Hearing newscasts of far off battles saddens me but  it's the first hand experiences that make the horror of war and the sacrifice that those who fight for justice, what they endure - real.

Remembrance Day makes sure that we don't forget, that we always remember.  Remember that it's people like us, our neighbours and friends who became and still become the everyday heroes in situations we can't imagine.  So today we honour them by participating in the ceremonies in person or even by television.  Being present in whatever way works for you.

I write about heroes every day but they're fictional heroes.  Today we get to honour the real heroes.  Remembrance Day - today is their day.  

Thank you.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Free For All & Giveaway!

Fatal Intent is free from November 6-10.

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