Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Empath's Survival Guide - Life Strategies for Sensitive People

The Empath's Survival Guide landed in my inbox with a request to review that I wasn't expecting.  It wasn't that I hadn't reviewed for the company before, it was just that I had spent more time in the last year facing my own deadlines and not, except for pleasure, reading anyone else's work.  But here it was ,a chance to read a book and let the world know what I think.  I'm sure glad i got the chance.  So enough of that - on to the book...

The Empath's Survival Guide - Life Strategies for Sensitive People is written by Judith Orloff, MD.

What is the difference between having empathy and being an empath?  Having empathy means our heart goes out to another person in joy or pain," says Dr. Judith Orloff.  "But for empaths it goes much further.  We actually feel others' emotions, energy and physical symptoms in our own bodies without the usual defences that most people have."  The Empath's Survival Guide is an invaluable

resource for empaths and anyone who wants to nurture their empathy and develop coping skills in our high-stimulus world--while fully embracing their gifts of intution, compassion, creativity and spiritual connection.

This practical, empowering, and  loving book was created to support empaths through their unique challenges and help loved ones better understand the empath's needs and gifts.  Dr. Orloff offers crucial practices, including:

- Exercises to help you identify your empath tope and where you are on the empathy spectrum.
- Tools for protecting yourself from sensory overload, exhaustion, addictions, and compassion fatigue while replenishing your vital energy.
- Simple, effective strategies to stop absorbing stress and physical symptoms from others and protect yourself from narcissists and other energy vampires.
- How to find the right work that feeds you.
- How to navigate intimate relationships without feeling overwhelmed.
- Guidance for parenting and raising empathetic children.
- Awakening the empath's gift for intuition and deepening your spiritual connection to all living beings.

For any sensitive person who's been told to "grow a thick skin" here is a lifelong guide for staying fully open while building resilience, exploring your gifts of depth and compassion, and feeling welcome and valued by a world that desperately needs what you have to offer.

My Review of The Empath's Survival Guide  

Are you an empath?  Not sure?  This book will give you the tools necessary to not only determine if you are but also deal with the repercussions of being sensitive enough to feel what others do not.  As an empath herself, the author lays out what it was like to be a  child and not fit.  She goes on to discuss the various types of empaths.  There are more types of empaths than I imagined and the author has provided a list of questions for each one that will help you identify if you are an empath and what type you might be.

"If you feel as if you don't fit in this world, then you're here to create a better one!"

That quote seems to sum up the direction of this book.  Great read for empaths and non-empaths alike.

The Empath's Surivial Guide - Life Strategies for Sensitive People is available at most online bookstores including:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Judith Orloff, MD is the author of The Empath's Survival Guide - Life Strategies for Sensitive People.  Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist, an empath, and is on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty.  She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy and spirituality.  Dr. Orloff also specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice.  Dr. Orloff's work has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, the Oprah Magazine and USA Today.  She is a New York Times best-selling author of Emotional Freedom.  To learn more about Dr. Orloff's free empath support newsletter as well as her books and workshop schedule, visit her at:
She also has a Facebook support group:


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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Desert Justice - Worlds and Words Away

An excerpt from Sheik Defense - the last in the Desert Justice series featuring Faisal Al-Nassar and Ava Adams.


It was less than an hour since Faisal had received that fateful call that Ava was missing. Now he looked long and hard at the face of the young woman who lay dead on the cold steel of the examining table. Her hair was long, almost to the middle of her back. She was brunette and a few years older than Ava. After that, the similarities stopped.

He’d insisted on viewing the body in the hope that the similarities would somehow give him a much-needed clue. Now he didn’t know why he’d bothered. It was depressing and frightening all at the same time. Looking at her frightened him for Ava and saddened him for the deceased woman’s family.
“She may have been asphyxiated,” the coroner said.
He listened as the coroner went into some detail on why he believed that could be a possibility.
“Her eyes are bloodshot.  Classic sign of asphyxiation.”
A chill ran through him like none he’d felt before. He’d stood in this position many times but never had he felt the haunting fear that the person before him could have been someone he knew and loved. He almost took a step back. That thought combined with the cold steel and sharp smell of disinfectant that depersonalized death was almost too much. This wasn’t Ava but someone had loved her.

Regret and anger snaked through him as he thought of how this young woman had died unnecessarily, how it could just as easily have been Ava on that slab. The reality was as disturbing as it was unthinkable. Whether they could prove it or not, he was sure that this woman had died of unnatural causes. It wasn’t right or fair. And he knew it happened much too often. He’d thought of adding a branch of investigations geared solely to violence against women. He’d seen too much of it in his work. But now wasn’t the time for such considerations.

Five minutes later, Faisal was heading across the hospital parking lot to a charcoal 1967 mustang he kept in Miami for his rare visits to the city. He slipped behind the wheel and leaned back against the plush leather, the keys in his lap, his arms crossed and a frown on his face.

A woman who supposedly should have been Ava was dead. The fact that the decedent had been in Ava’s room and Ava was still the registered patient, indicated that Ava was the target. Now there were questions that needed to be answered and quickly.

Where had Ava gone? He tamped down the panic he’d felt at losing her when he’d only just found her.  He had to stick to facts.
And, on a non-excerpt note, I'm sorry to say that summer is on its last legs.  But, I'm happy to say that my book supply is well stocked for winter.  Like the squirrels, I'm ready to hunker down.  One problem for us northerners anyway,- summer hit again with a great blast of heat predicted for this weekend.   Sometimes you just have to go with the flow - me I'm getting out the margarita blender!  
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