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Desert Justice - Sheik's Rescue

While the paperback released mid-April - this week the e-book of Sheik's Rescue is available.  What's to say about the second in the Desert Justice Series that may not already have been said - quite a bit...

For one, Emir Al-Nassar's twin is a fairly laid back and easy going hunk of a sheik.  While he wouldn't admit to the last part and his actions rather dispute the first, that's how I saw it, at least in the beginning.  But as every author knows, sometimes the story and especially the characters take on a life of their own.

The setting was like going home, not home to the prairie but home just the same.  I've driven through Wyoming so many times that it was like I was along in the backseat with Zafir and Jade - at least some of the time.  Being a love story, it begins with Zafir being knocked on his, so firm -you want to grab it, butt; when he sees Jade.  And all of that is in the midst of a "so-called freak spring snow storm" which everyone who lives anywhere on the North American plains, knows isn't such a freak thing.  Add to the inclement weather, an instant attraction and the character of a very strange Moroccan royal that they must protect - then, toss and stir with a dose of evil.  Okay, I admit, he was kind of a fun bad guy to write, at least in the beginning.  Fun in the fact that he was suitably creepy, if there is such a thing.  But, I do love my bad guys creepy.  So writing what he was thinking or feeling was a chilly bit of work.

An inside scoop  - Jade Van Everett is probably the hottest of all the heroines in the Desert Justice series.  She's also got a mild gun fetish and is more than a match for Zafir.

Zafir?  Well I'd say that he was the hottest too but he's an identical twin and even without that he's got some pretty stiff competition with his other brothers.   While the story takes place in Wyoming, there was a point that things turned for the worse and we headed to foreign shores - Morocco where the characters meet their fate, hopefully stop the evil and maybe, just maybe - find love.

Things looked pretty rocky to begin with.  Jade had barely picked up her strange client before things fell apart.  Here's an excerpt:
She pushed up over the balcony, looking left and right down the street.  A movement to her left; she watched with bated breath.  It was nothing but a jackrabbit that had made its way into the city.  The hare took its time.  It seemed to lope, hopping this way and that, stopping to sniff the air.  Finally, it disappeared between two buildings.  The street was again empty.

She sank below the railing as she put the Colt down and pulled her phone out of her pocket.
“Zafir,” he answered with a concerned tone, for this number was never used except in case of an emergency.

“Code red,” she said simply.  “I’m pinned down at the client’s apartment.  Shots from across the street at the client’s balcony.  The client’s secure.”
“Last count?”
“Unknown shooter.  Three shots fired.  Four, if you count mine.  He has a silencer.”  She looked where the planter used to stand.  “It’s been quiet for over two minutes.”
“Did you see…”
“Nothing,” she interrupted.  “No visual.  Like I said, I got one shot in, that was it.  I never had a clear shot, and on a public street, well, that’s just made it difficult.”
“I can imagine,” he said.  “Keep it contained if you can.  I’ll be there in five.”
The call disconnected as abruptly as it had begun.
Keep it contained if you can.
With gritted teeth, she shoved the phone into her pocket.  For a second she really wished she could shove it somewhere else.

Rourke and I in Wyoming - 2012.  When it's windy - it's windy!

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