Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Desert Justice Series - Son of the Sheik

Today is release day for the third in the Desert Justice Series - Son of the Sheik.  It's always exciting knowing that your book is out there.  The story I envisioned so many months ago, the characters that came to life and surprised me on more than one occasion are now hopefully entertaining others, like they were meant to do.

Someone is threatening to expose Sara Elliott's secret.  After draining her bank account, she flees to Morocco to face the one man she fears, the only man who can protect her son.  Sheik Talib Al-Nassar has money and power, but nothing could prepare him for seeing his ex, especially in his homeland.  Though suspicious of this reunion, he would do anything to shield her and her little boy from further danger.  He welcomes them to his family compound, but Talib's shelter has a price of its own.  Like Sara's blackmailer, he desires only one thing:  the truth about her son...

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Excerpt from:  Son of the Sheik:

Desert Sands Hotel - Marrakech, Morocco
"Over here," Talib commanded and with those two words made it clear that not only was he back in her life, but he was also taking charge, at least for now.  And, at least for now, she would let him.  Later--she hadn't thought that far.

This had been a journey of desperation.  And now, despite having come all these miles to find him, she wanted to run--take her son with her before it was too late for both of them.

Instead, she looked up at him.  "I can't believe I ran into you in the midst of this.  But Im glad you were here to find--"

"What are you doing here, Sara?"  He cut her off with hint of anger in his voice.

The conceited donkey.

He thought she was here because of him.  She looked at her son in his arms and that was the only reason she didn't lose it then and there.  Unfortunately the truth of it was that what he was implying, what he'd left unsaid..he was right.  She was here because of him, just for none of the reasons that the arrogant fool thought.

What she was here for was much more serious than any romance ever could be.  And despite what he thought, and she knew very well what he thought, it was hard to deny the truth.  He was a magnet for women, but no magnet to her.  Not anymore.  Those days were long over.  But despite not needing him romantically, he was right about one thing.  She did need him, she needed him very much.

For without him she was terribly afraid she was going to lose her son.

" American woman, her young son and his unsuspecting father, a Moroccan Sheik.  There was just enough adventure/intrigue mixed with sexy love scenes to keep me
 turning the pages."  Michelle A.


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