Sunday, October 4, 2015

Searching Out Winter

                                                                                                                                                                                   We left Saskatchewan heading out for our vacation and were met by cloudy skies and drizzly weather but we were a long way from snow.   Driving west and south had the rain edging to snow.  I never though escaping a prairie winter would mean facing that demon weeks before he traditionally arrives at home.  But when winter sets its sights on you there's no escaping it.

By this morning things look pretty grim as we drove through the mountains in Montana.  We're heading for Arizona to spend some time before facing another prairie winter.  Fortunately, within hours, the temperature warmed up, the scenery was awesome and we found a Starbucks for coffee - all things turned out well.  

Today I added another state to my travels - Idaho and yes, there is actually a potato museum.     I didn't see it but I saw the sign announcing its existence.  Montana an Idaho are both scenic States and the Interstate is not the madness of the bigger cities but instead runs through mountains and prairie, with plenty of ranch land.

Later today we arrived at Salt Lake City.  It was a Sunday but the traffic was still thick.  Salt Lake City has changed since I was there, at least what I saw from the Interstate.  My last trip was also my last trip with my parents, the year I graduated from high school, a lot of years and a lot of change.  The city has grown and the sprawl of it goes on for many, many miles.  This time around, as my husband turns to me and wanders why we didn't plan to stay here a few extra days instead of navigating the craziness of the interstate and watching Salt Lake City breeze by on both sides, I have no answer.  

Tomorrow it's off to other adventures, new places and interesting people.    


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