Monday, October 5, 2015

Give Us Our Daily Bread

I know my mother would smack my typing fingers for even using that line in a title but I couldn't help it.  Loosely shadowing the words of the Lord's Prayer or not - it fits to perfectly into the subject of this post which is .... wait for it...


There's too much of it - bread I mean.  Not in context of daily living, or at least our daily living but in travelling and trying to find a meal on the road.  Bread should not be the mainstay of any diet but I've discovered in the last few days of travelling that the road is littered with fast food places,  much of them offering bread based products; hamburgers, pizzas, submarine sandwiches, breakfast treats such as cinnamon buns and muffins, crepes and, and... I'm craving vegetables, fruit - I scarfed the banana at the hotel breakfast where three-quarters of the food offered involved some sort of grain.  I look at the long haul truckers and wonder how they survive this on-the-road dietary issue.

From what I can see, the fast food business seems determined to make sure that we don't eat well.  And while I avoided their influence as much as possible at home - on the road is a different matter.   And being as I can't avoid being on the road as it's a great place to be for writing research and for relaxation - not necessarily in that order.  I'm beginning to think that my mother had the right idea all those years ago when she packed a meal for every trip.  And while that's impractical for a long-haul trip maybe a trip to a nearby grocery store for a few healthy deli items might be a step in the right direction.  Yes, I had a hamburger for supper , at the Shake Shack, and, except for the processed cheese (big faux pas), it was fantastic bread and all, but I'm still craving vegetables and fruit.

How do you eat when you're on the road?


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