Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Suspect Witness - It's Been a Journey

Since I learned earlier this year that Suspect Witness was accepted for publication with Harlequin Intrigue there's been the proverbial "learning curve."  While setting up an author profile I learned that after making DH take numerous pictures before I was finally satisfied - the picture may and would be rejected.   My photo rejected?  Yes, for lack of acceptable resolution.   I've rejected many photos of moi in my day but for very different reasons!  But seriously, there's much to learn and yes - another photo to be taken.

Suspect Witness left my hands, for the last time, earlier this month.  It didn't leave easily.  When I received that last copy and heard that this was it - last chance to make changes, I had a hard time letting it go.  In fact I held on to it right until D day or deadline day.  And then I had to pry off all ten fingers that clung to cyber space hoping for another hour, minute, second.  But the truth was the story was ready, scanned by many eyes, researched written and pampered in the planing stages and polished long after that.  I let go.

In a way it feels like my book has become a communal project.  But I'm grateful for that community who with sharp eyes and sharper grammar skills have pulled out a few misplaced phrases.  I've never had this many eyes on a manuscript and it was both supportive and in a way intimidating.  Being from Canada there were a few twists of grammar that left me stumped.  I thought I had all the cheque/check or neighbour/neighbor etc. etc., covered.  But there were some I hadn't anticipated and that I admit I looked it up to be sure that I was right - and I was, as long as I kept my foot on the north side of the border.

But all of that aside, that isn't the exciting news.  What is is that while Suspect Witness still doesn't have a cover, it has a date - February 1, 2016.  Check it out on Amazon where you can pre order.

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