Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Release - Legacy of Fear

Imagine a language - lost.
Imagine, a unique language that is written, not spoken.
Imagine, a language written by and for women.
Imagine - the possibilities of such a language.

My latest romantic suspense is out!
Just released...

Legacy of Fear

Andra Vandersan is an expert code breaker, as fiercely independent and beautiful as she is brilliant.
Working at the highest levels of deciphering, she's always remained at a safe distance from the seamy underworld of Hong Kong's criminal elite--but that's about to change.  When her next-door neighbour is brutally murdered in a way that suggests the work of the Chinese triads, two things become clear:  Andra was the intended target of the hit, and the assassin is going to return.

Max True is a world-class linguist, a colleague of Andra's who once helped her break a code that would destroy a terrorist cell.  When he shows up at Andra's door with a mysterious message, they realize that they may have stumbled on a long-lost women's language that holds the secret to incredible power--and one that the most vicious men in Hong Kong will stop at nothing to get their hands on.

As Andra and Max work to solve the puzzle of the language, they find themselves in a desperate race against time to escape the mysterious forces who all want the secret of the message--even as they surrender to the forces of an undeniable passion that brings them inexorably and irrevocably together.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Among The Giants

Featuring my review of the motivational book:  

Among the Giants, by Jesse LeBeau

I read Among the Giants and finished the last page feeling Motivated!!!  That's the best compliment I can give a motivational book.  Now the author Jesse LeBeau is on tour with his book and as part of the tour he's giving away a Deuce Brand watch - check out the rafflecopter entry at the bottom of the post along with the list of other blogs on the tour.

First, let me introduce the author, Jesse LeBeau:

Over the course of the last couple of years, Jesse has propelled himself from a small, Alaskan fishing town to the Hollywood big screen, being seen by millions all over the world.  By leveraging his love of the game of basketball and making the most of every opportunity, he has successfully created a life all his own.  At 5'8" he may not be an NBA player, but by tweaking his dream, he has been able to use his passion (basketball) to star in national commercials and novels, work with pro athletes and celebrities, and even give back on a regular basis as a motivational speaker for youth.  His underdog story, outlined in his book, Among the Giants, serves as an inspiration to anyone who has ever been told they can't make their dream a reality.

Jesse was born and raised on Pennock Island, Alaska, where his mother worked as a school teacher and his father was involved in the logging industry.  Jesse played basketball growing up, but no one wanted to take him seriously, and coaches told him he was too small and would never make it.  Despite his critics, he believed not only in himself but also in the plan God had for him. Jesse has experienced big wins and frustrating losses, but both triumph and defeat helped him grow as a leader and a person, and helped deepen his faith.

Today he uses his message to motivate and inspire young people around the world as a speaker and author combining his love of basketball, speaking and entertaining, Jesse founded the fab4 Takeover, which brings celebrities into schools to teach and impact students.  He also released an instructional dribbling DVD titled "Dribble Like a Star".  For a free download from the DVD, visit or text the word DVD to the number 58885.

My Review
Among the Giants
Four Stars

Stay hungry.  Better yourself every day.  Separate yourself from the competition and gain the edge that will make all the difference.  Fulfill your dreams!

This book's primary message is that you can succeed but not without effort.  Your attitude is everything.  Dig for success, it's in you to have, is the pervasive theme in this book.  And with real life examples of how from the time he was a child he fought  to be a professional  basketball player despite size and geographic odds, he shows again and again how he acquired his dream.  And while it wasn't his specific dream, it was a dream that gave him success with a basketball in his hand.

Over and over this book reminds us what hard work and dedication can achieve.  But there's a caveat, hard work must be combined with a belief in yourself and your dream.  The author tells us to visualize success, write down goals and stay the course.  It is a motivational book like many out there but unlike many out there his motivation is firmly rooted in the story of his life from an isolated childhood fighting for his dream, to a grown young man, who didn't grow enough to make the NBA.

A quick and easy read that while, slightly repetitive, will light a fire in you.  You can't help but be anxious to get at it, put in that extra hour or extra mile and succeed at whatever it is you dream of.


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