Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kindle Fire Give Away, Sale and More

It's been an interesting few days.  I assisted in the shingling of a garage.  Not so horrific for some of
 you possibly handier than me.  But combine an all thumbs approach to tools with a "slight" dislike of heights.... well let's just say that making it safely off the roof with only two matching blisters on each of my big toes was a great feat and worth celebrating. 

And today well - drama of another sort.  My eyes are blurring over as I recover from "worst case scenario" losing an entire scene in my story.  Rushing to the backup drive which seems to have a restore button for the entire folder but no cut, copy or paste option for a few thousand words or so.  Handwriting, I really have to say is an art and I don't have it.  My hand hurts and my writing has dissolved into the depths of atrocities.  But the scene is safely returned.

Now on to the good news:

I'm giving away a Kindle Fire 7" HD along with some other romance writers, The Kindle Book Review, and Digital Book Today.  We are also giving away $200 worth of Amazon ecards.  There is no purchase necessary and it's easy to enter.  Click here to enter.

And in other news - my latest romantic suspense, Fatal Intent is on sale at Amazon for 99 cents now through July 31.

That's it for now.  I'm heading outside to enjoy some sunshine.  But before I go I'm making sure I backup.  Sore hand and all I'm grateful that I had that backup.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And Without Further Ado - Very Inspiring Bloggers

Is there such a thing as Very Inspiring Bloggers?  Definitely.  Am I one of them?  Well, Lisa McManus Lang - The Sassy Scribbler thought I was and nominated me.  Now all of this happened a few weeks ago.  Now really I am an enthusiastic blogger and normally I would have blogged about this much sooner.  But, well - at the time I was a writer who was enslaved by my computer, buried beneath the story I'd created.  This is beginning to sound like a tale for...Frankenstein.  My creation turned on me... okay, really revisions people, that's all 24-7 revisions.

"Summertime and the livin is easy."  

Who said that - yeah, I know quite a few people in more than a few songs.  Let me dispute that and give you a Momism.  My mother often says, "Winter is a much easier time than summer, you just close your door and forget the weather.  In the winter you don't have to worry about the yard work because the snow just covers it up."

She has a point, at least up here in the frozen north - except maybe the excessive snow that requires mucho shoveling.  But this month summer time wasn't so easy as I spent much of the time in my basement office with revisions - not enjoying the cool as I love, love - the summer time heat.  But as a consolation I was getting a lot of heat in a suspense set in Cambodia but that's another story.  So, the thing I don't love besides cool weather?  Weeds.  And the weeds - well they were enjoying my absence, snuggling in amidst the flowers getting fat and happy and...

The weeds - well they won't be looking so happy tomorrow!

So back to the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award.  I'm thrilled to be picked.  And to claim my award I must list seven things about myself and pass the award on to two other bloggers.  So here goes.

1. I love traveling.  There's nothing better than hitting the road and discovering something new that isn't located in a ten mile radius of home.   

 2.  I play the piano well and the violin badly.

3.  And on that note, don't ever ask me to sing - unless you're trying to clear the area.

4. I go barefoot often - short jaunts through the snow to take out the trash, across landscaping rocks (ouch, ouch, ouch) to take out the recyling, in the house - wherever I can.  When I was a teenager I remember an aunt telling me that with rough feet from walking barefoot I would never get a husband - smooth, silky feet were the way to go.  The question mark on that bit of advise, remains.

5.  I love dogs and figured out the other day that I've spent thirty years of my life with a dog.  Not the same one, of course, or I suspect one of us would be famous or at least have attained some notariety.

6.  I love ice cream and when in any foreign country the almost the first thing I learn is the word for ice cream.  Okay, maybe the second, the first might be the name of the hotel I'm staying at as I'm notorious for having a bad sense of direction.

7.  I make a fantastic dog biscuit, dog food, dog whatever but don't ask me to cook supper.  I have a live in chef who also mows the lawn - right, I believe I married him.  The end result is if you want any kind of hamburger casserole mixed with say carrots, rice, a few lentils and garlic - the dog's licking his lips, then I'm your girl.  However, if you were thinking of a finely marinated steak with a gourmet salad and some other enticing surprise on the side - you guessed it, don't call me. 

Now I must pass this forward and nominate two other inspiring bloggers.  Both bloggers are ones I quietly follow, rarely if ever making a comment.  And for that I apologize  - I'll try to rectify that it in future.

So here they are in no particular order:

Adam Heine  - the writer of sci/fantasy and the author behind the blog Author's Echo.  first thing that caught my eye about this blogger was the fact that he was in Northern Thailand.  Now, having been to Northern Thailand, I immediately wanted to read what he had to say.  Of course, then the fact that he's a writer and that his blog is always entertaining or inspiring and, often both - kept me hanging around.  He keeps visitors to his blog on the hook with entertaining posts and notes on works in progress that may be soon be published such as Air Pirates.

Tawna Fenske - the writer of humorous romance and the author behind Don't Pet Me I'm Writing.  This blogger has been fresh from the beginning.  It's a blog aimed at the funny side of a writer's life while still throwing in a good hunk of plain old life.  If you want a laugh and a bit of motivation to boot - this is the blogger for you.  She's the author of the romantic comedies, Believe It Or Not, Making Waves and Getting Dumped.  And if her blog is any indication of what's in her books - well, let's just say she's on my TBR. 

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