Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boots by George

What's a dog to do when he can't get to the fire hydrant?
So I said no more posts about the weather, no more whining about the weather, just no more weather,
period.  Of course, that was a while ago, and now with still no end in sight, well, we're cranky lot up here in the frozen north this April.  I'm not even getting jazzed about starting a new story or fiddling with a book trailer or... 

But there is something I'm excited about.


Yes, boots!  Waterproof boots! 

I really wanted something to replace my Sorrels.  After sixteen seasons, they finally collapsed.  I suppose I can't complain.  But what I did want was a pair of Sorrels to replace them.  I began and ended my search near the end of January.  Apparently, in Saskatchewan in late winter you can buy the latest summer gear but no winter gear.

Saskatchewan averages over five months of winter-like weather and that's not counting the weeks of chilly slush.  Wouldn't it be wise to stock winter apparel year round - possibly be specialists in outfitting for winter?   It would make more sense than the frustrating boot search that was followed just three weeks ago by a city-wide search for a snow shovel.  With two recorded roofs collapsing in the city, snow was more serious business than usual this winter.  Most stores had no snow shovels.  What they did have was lawn furniture.

Mid-April, get out the toboggan.

Lawn furniture?

Three weeks ago, we had no need of a new chaise lounge unless to maybe lounge on the recently shoveled deck, with a "too cold" beer in hand and  view the "no exaggeration' seven foot snow bank juxtaposed against its six foot counterpart all framed quite nicely by hoar frost.

A glimmer of a sidewalk.
Fast forward three weeks - there's still no rush on the lawn furniture.

So back to my George's.  They're Walmart specials, $19.99 on sale and you know what, the other day I proved they were waterproof.  They aren't fancy but they keep my feet warm and dry.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best whether with footwear or with a story.  Like the current story, it just needed a few edits and I wasn't too happy with one of the later chapters.  I stalled for a while thinking I'd have to rewrite and then, eureka, an idea came to me.  It was a simple as tweaking a few paragraphs because really all I needed was already written, just covered in - well things that shouldn't be there.  Kind of like my Walmart boots.  They were a last resort, too simple, too economical to possibly beat out a pair of Sorrels.  And yeah, they won't make the cut at -25 celsius, but for now, they're just the fix.

And this Monday, April 15 I'm over at BK Walker Books with Fatal Intent. Stop by and leave a comment.  I'd love the company.  And as usual, follow the tour and any comment enters you for the grand prize at the end of the tour and a prize on the day.  See details on my website.



Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what it's like to get five months of snow. But then again, I haven't lived in the northeast for years. So, growing up, I know what it's like to need a good pair of boots. Even after all these years in North Carolina, it's still a little weird not to have to take stock on the boot situation as winter approaches. But right now, I'm looking forward to lovely spring weather, beaches, and perhaps an amusement park trip or two.

Thanks for the gift, too! I'm so happy to have From the Dust in Kindle format, now that I've really dove into ebooks with my tablet. Woohooooooooooo! :-D

Ryshia Kennie said...

Five months of snow - I'd like to just imagine it LOL Anyway, you're welcome - hope you enjoy it.