Monday, January 14, 2013

Spam - Welcome To The Party

So it finally happened.  I finally got annoyed with the spam comments that were slipping through Blogger's spam filter.  I was so annoyed yesterday that I got a little carried away and apparently there is a point of no return.  The no return on the deletion button that is... sigh.  What what you mark before you hit delete!  So it's not like my blog has no recent comments - it did once but for the last few months well, we have to pretend there was silence.  I managed to delete right back to November.  So the comments are gone except...  Yes there was one bright spot.  Not for the Lost In The Jungle contest entries - that is a different matter, fortunately I've recorded any of those. 

January 15, 2013
In the meantime I have a backup plan on that delete button.  But enough of that, today I'm over at The Romance Studio who is celebrating their ten year anniversary.  Check it out, there are all sorts of prizes including a signed copy of my first book From the Dust and a whole lot more.  I'll be blogging there all week with a bevy of other authors.  So come on over and join the fun.

And don't forget the release day for Fatal Intent.  It's tomorrow when Fatal Intent will be available at the majority of online bookstores.

Til then - see you at the TRS party.


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