Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Missed The Curve In The Road

Write every day.  I remember reading that in any number of places, most notably Stephen King's "On Writing".  And it's sound advise but not always possible.  I used to think it was possible but I think even then I suspected that it really wasn't.

I'm going to admit a transgression here.  I'm back from a month-long writing hiatus.  It started innocently enough with a vacation where I did write every morning, for the first while.  Than a new book started tapping for some promo attention and stole chunks of writing time. 

As I sit in front of the keyboard with a blank screen in front of me, I realize that it's been a month since I've written anything.  This time it wasn't a matter of pulling up my socks - not when they got knocked right off.  Life events are like that...we're never really ready for them and we just have to muddle through one way or another.  

So with the new year well into week one, I'm back at it.  The blank page is a welcome sight, kind of a signal of a return to normalcy.  Life happens and I suppose we knew that when we signed on.

So let's toast.  To a new page and another year, and to my dad who loved to laugh.


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