Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whack A Gopher

Whack a gopher?  No really, don't.  The little guys are kind of cute.  And I'm probably alone in that statement.  The farmers and  even the city dwellers would be quick to say that not only are they not cute, they're annoying.  But that aside, this post really isn't about gophers. 

Yes, and I know I'm talking about gophers and there's a picture of a rabbit on my blog, but I'll get to that.

Remember the game Whack A Gopher? 

Maybe because I played it so few times.   Maybe I'm just easily entertained.  But I loved that game.  Today the game came to mind.  The title really.  After too many days spending too many hours at one time at the computer, I felt like I was in a daze or maybe a better description would be that I was still living the story.  I'd dove into the land of make belief for just a little too long.  The daze - well that's a dangerous feeling to start off a walk.  One doesn't want to not be paying attention with Rourke at the end of the leash.  Rourke is a dog who I always say - it's all about him.  He doesn't pay attention to traffic, road hazards or run away skateboards.  That's my job and if I don't do it we're both in danger of getting whacked as we step off the curb.  Fortunately, I quickly shook off the dregs of fiction land and the latest story which is so few days from done and arrived in reality.

And that's when I discovered that not only was it Easter but someone had gotten pretty creative in the snow department.  With, hopefully the last dump of snow of the year, they created a rabbit complete with twigs for whiskers.

So that was today's walk.  No one got whacked.  Rourke didn't pay attention.  But I, emerged from fantasy land to discover that this month is poetry month.   It's time to revisit some of those great works, find some recent poetry, and yes, even try writing some poetry of your own.  In Regina, it's even been proclaimed.  Don't ask - I can only report the facts.  So head out and enjoy a good poem.  Not sure where to start - take a peek here.

So if you picked a poem to read this month what would it be?  Me - I'm thinking of picking a new poet or two from the many that the Saskatchewan Writers Guild has to offer.  I'll let you know how that turns  out.  

April 12 I'll be hosting author Sharla Lovelace with her new release - The Reason is You.  It's a chance to meet the author and find out more about her book.  And, there'll be a give away of a gift certificate for Amazon or Barnes and Noble for one lucky commenter through the course of her tour.  So mark your calendar and I'll see you here!



Lisa McManus Lange said...

I love gophers. And really, we have lots of deer, squirrels and raccoons here..and I love them all, despite everyone calling them nasty rodents....great reading - thank you! Lisa McManus Lange

Ryshia Kennie said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my love for the little critters.