Monday, March 12, 2012

The Snowman's Dead - Almost...

We're at the breakthrough point - it's still winter but spring is prodding at the snow.  It's all happening earlier and quicker than other years.  And that's okay too.

Some days it's mud and slush and other days its ice and snow.  Depends on the weather or maybe just Mother Nature's mood.  It's definitely a messy and quirky time of year.  Who knows, we may still get a bout of full-fledged winter.  Meantime, in my back easement there's a drain covered with clay and ice - courtesy of a contractor who finished a job last fall and left a pile of clay behind.

Clogged drain with spring run-off just beginning to threaten, not a good thing.  So I took the shovel out and hammered away.  The result?  Two full blown blisters and a third threatening and some arm muscles that keep reminding me that they exist.  The drain?  Still plugged.  I thought about going out there today but you know, it was cold enough that the water wasn't running, and therefore that was my excuse.

So instead I worked on finishing up that story that had some clogs in its own drain.  Turned out that was much easier on my blisters and much more successful than the frozen-clay escapade from yesterday.  Taking a break yesterday and doing some physical labour actually got the creative side flowing again.  Now, if a few days is enough to cure those blisters - I'll head out tomorrow and set out to work on that drain, or as I like to now call it - my creative workout program. 

And on the horizon, I'm hosting an author on tour later in the month - with her latest, a murder mystery.  More details later.  In the meantime, here's a pic of my Ring of Desire in Petra.  Was I there?  No.  But a friend trotted that book half way across the globe to end up with this shot. 



Jeremy Bates said...

Ooooh, I detest the winter only because of the mess it leaves...oh, and ridding the immediate outdoors of snowfall.

The snowman image reminded me of the guys on You Tube who blast snowmen with shotguns. Have you seen those videos? Hilarious!

Simply google 'Snowman Hunters' if you have time and want a laugh.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Mud and slush - oh joy - especially if you have to walk a dog everyday. I haven't seen the snowman video but I'll check it out soon. thx.