Sunday, March 25, 2012

Out of No Where - Tagged Twice

Seems like the issue of luck keeps popping up - the last blog and St. Paddy's Day, the goose, and the latest - being tagged, twice.  Let's deal with the first tagged, really more a splat than a tag, nor was it as pleasant as the second.  Out of no where a Canada Goose deposited what appeared to be a bucket load of something special on our truck windshield.  But wait after it's all been scrubbed off I remember the woman from Moose Jaw who was quoted on the radio saying that she knew it would be a good day "a bird pooped on her head."  Okay, sounds rather insane to me but it had me thinking - is being targeted by a bird on its way to the bird biffy really good luck?

Apparently it is.   No really, take a look at wiki answers if you don't believe me. So I waited for my good luck.

and waited..

and waited.....

Still waiting....

And then out of the blue I was tagged.  No more goose poop, just a friendly writer and fellow blogger stopping by with a comment and an invite.  I was tagged for the Lucky 7 Meme to share page 77, line 7, 7 sentences of my latest story.  And in exchange I will tag seven others.  And as there's no rating on my blog so there is a bleep for one expletive I'll leave out for now.  Kind of makes it like watching a movie on TV where the bleeping can be quite annoying.  And I never understood why we can watch someone die in a blood bath but we can't hear a watered-down curse.  However, that said here it is, my excerpt:

"The social media is just beginning to heat up." Manuel's voice seemed to drop and he folded his arms.

"Just beginning is it?"  It's more than that Vargas," Bruce snarled.  He pushed off from the wall and faced the smaller man.  "I don't have time to play games.  You were behind the destruction at some of the agave plantations."

"It was premature, I admit."  Manuel shrugged.

"Premature?  It was "bleeping" stupid, that's what it was."

So head on over and check out Daily Drama of an Aspiring Writer - there's more of the tag scoop there and a book excerpt and lots more.  so here's the seven writers I've tagged.  Whether they post an excerpt or not their blogs are fantastic places to visit:
The rules - post page 77, line 7, 7 sentences of your latest story and then tag 7 other writers to do the same.

1) Adam Heine
2) Marcia Colette
3) Jon Paul
4) Lisa McManus Lange
5) Clueless Eve
6) Charles Tulsipher
7) Donna McBroom-Theriot

Meantime, hopefully there's good luck to come.  We'll see.  What I do know is that on March 29th I'll be hosting Harlow Coban and her new book Life in Death.  Stop on by for a preview  of what I'm sure will be a good read. 

And for all those of you tagged or not, that might be curious who you write like, there's a site where you can plug in a bit of your writing to find out.  Check it out at Where Sky Meets Ground.  It's good for a chuckle anyway - my excerpt says I write like Jack London.  Hmmm - in my dreams, maybe.  What famous writer can you claim?



Jeremy Bates said...

Goose poop? lol

I will never forget the time I was going to my dentist for a checkup. I was already somewhat nervous.

I stopped in the parking lot and swore I could hear the monster drill reaming someone's jaw bone. I turned the radio up just in case and then thought of some excuses I could muster up to cancel the appointment.

Finally, I regained my composure and walked confidently to his office. Just as I was about to open the door, a bird shat on my black shirt near the clavicle area.

I lost my confidence immediately but entered to my appointment of dread nevertheless.

I was embarrassed because I had to use a water hose in the back of the office building to rinse my shirt.

Birds have zero respect!

Adam Heine said...

Thanks for the tag, Ryshia. I just might have to do this one :-)

Ryshia Kennie said...

Glad my bird had the decency to keep glass between me and the mess. And what timing, but I bet the bird poop took the edge off dental nerves! :)

Ryshia Kennie said...

Hi Adam. You should go for it. It was a first for me and turned out to be fun. And it made me really look at what I'd written in 77, 7, 7 land.

Lisa McManus Lange said...

I've been tagged! Will check it out for sure - this sounds neat. And good luck to YOU! There is something to be said for....poop...I guess. Lisa

Ryshia Kennie said...

Lisa - Got my fingers crossed but maybe being tagged was my luck. In future I'm hoping luck comes without the "poop".