Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Revenge of the Christmas Tree

It seems with the days running out until Christmas, New Years, a mitt full of birthdays, a story deadline and...did I forget when I really get my second wind.  The end on my latest story has powered up and finally decided to make it over the finish.  Something about, there's only so much time left (my own deadline of course), that really gets me going.  And it's not just that one book that finally kicked into gear and began trundling over the finish line.

I've done it!  The Christmas Tree (tree is capitalized because I sense for all it's lack of size, it demands it) is finally up.  And in our house - that's a big feat.  So big in fact, that everyone else took a nap until the task was done.

But I finally wrestled it out of the basement (not that it's of any size that I could brag about that match).  Of course it had the last laugh.  Doesn't it always?  And as always, it was in regards to the Christmas lights.  They never go on properly.  I should upgrade, I know.  But if I do change out the lights that means the tree goes and I suspect that this particular tree - well, it just might come back.

Okay, seriously, maybe not but I've gotten rather fond of the little "Charlie Brown" creature.  See, it almost feels like it's alive even though it's the most fake of fake.  No name yet - I haven't gone over the edge on trees, yet.  

 I suppose I can console myself with the thought that David Suzuki would be proud.  It definitely doesn't reek of commercialism.  In fact, I'm not quite sure if it reeks of anything. 

So with four days left until Christmas I'm finally in the mood and decorating.  And it's really rather nostalgic as I pull out decorations and am reminded of a friend who passed away way too early and gave me a Christmas decoration each Christmas.  Maybe she was trying to tell me something.  And I can only guess what it might be and wish she were here.  I suppose that's some of the lure of this time of year - the joy meshed with the memories.  For my memories of her are good, and while a little sad, it feels right to remember.

But now it's back to the moment.  The Christmas tree is happily alight and there's one last present to wrap.  I got a little crazy with the glue this year.  Yep, no just tape and ribbon for me.  Not when there's craft glue, streamers and fake rhinestones available. I suppose my tree doesn't say much - or maybe it says a lot, but the gift wrap.... now that says everything.

As I peel my sock from my foot and wipe off the glue that stuck it there in the first place I ask - what gets you motivated?



Vicki said...

First of all, sorry about the loss of your friend!

I was the same way with our tree this year. No motivation to get it put up. And when we did, (it's an artificial one with tiny white lights already on it) all I put on it was different colored candy canes. And it looked good!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Vicki - there's something about Christmas that makes even the smallest tree bring out the Christmas spirit.