Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turn Your Day On Its Head? Why?

The snow and cold has settled in over the last week.  Heading out for my walk, the first thing I noticed was that there are still flowers blooming in the front flower bed.  How is it possible for petunias to still have blooms with snow pushing into their space and the temperature not cracking zero in many days?   I know, next year, get petunias - they might be zoned hardy but this is ridiculous.  They'll survive anything.

This morning I was up earlier than usual - headed for cereal rather than anything that added an extra five minutes preparation time and five minutes less away from my keyboard.  But the day began in a strange way.  I lost chapter nine.  Not even lost, more that it had never existed.  How is that possible to have a story with over thirty-nine chapter and no chapter nine?

And this is all before nine a.m.  

Kind of feels like the day my ad got punted from e-bay.  Did Chapter 9 suffer the same problem? 

Maybe, maybe not but - Yes, I had my only ever seller's ad punted from e-bay and here's how it happened.   Apparently, you can't sell three concert tickets and group them in a bundle that looks like they under the legal selling price - it wasn't but that's another story.  Suffice it to say - I am not in their black books.   But they were having no part in posting those particular tickets.

So since then I've skirted e-bay.  That, and I don't think I want to be shipping anything of any weight further than the outskirts of the city - clear across the continent, maybe not.  Anyway, since the basement has been renovated, all those forgotten items that were stored away in dark corners and cupboards have come to life.  And they have been the catalyst to scrounge elsewhere, like the corners of the garage.  Yesterday, I said goodbye to a set of tires that fit a car I no longer own and a collection of "antique" pictures.  It was kind of sad really, about the antiques (should I bracket antiques in quotes - were they really antiques?)  I'd saved them for years thinking they were special, maybe a find for the Antiques Road Show.  But alas, the other day I came to my senses and discovered that all they were really worth was a supper out, and not a fancy one either.  I wasn't going to buy the island of my dreams with my "yet to be discovered" antiques.

And on the upside to all that so-so news, one of my fave authors, Stephen King, is giving an interview on CBC radio's program Q this morning.   Stephen King is by far my favourite living author.  I read him back when I was a teenager.  Back then, after Nancy Drew horror was the natural progression.  He's the author in whose footsteps I so badly wanted to follow when I was seventeen - that was until I grew up and discovered the size of his feet - figuratively speaking, of course.  So there you go, that's why everything today begins early - I've got to be back from my walk with the dog and parked by my radio at ten this morning.   An interview with Stephen King in real time, that makes up for bad weather, missing chapters and maybe even that e-bay infraction.  If you miss the interview, I know there's the podcast, but there's just something about real time.

Anyone you'll never meet, that you'd rearrange your schedule for?

And before I close - happy graduation day to a good friend that just flew across the country to 
accept her well-earned diploma!



Lisa McManus Lange said...

Losing Chapter 9 before 9am.....there has to be something very 'Steven King' about that....You should send him this; you never know what kind of scary story he could make out of that.
Glad your day turned out better after all that ebay/chapter 9 stuff....great writing! Lisa

Ryshia Kennie said...

More than likely he'd have a short story whipped up in less than it takes me to come up with a title. BTW - it was a great interview - strange to hear his voice. I'm more used to reading his words.