Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scream Autumn All You Want - It's Winter!

The first day of a snow dump is not what I'd call my favourite day of November.  But from the looks of things, the snow is here to stay.  I woke up to snow and it's still snowing.  There's something about being face to face with snow after months of absence that just makes you cold, even though the temperature inside hasn't fluctuated. 

No matter what the calendar says - for me, this is it.  Winter is here.  And between that and the weather, I'm thinking about escape and we've laid some tentative plans.  A road trip, south to begin with, far enough that the white stuff hasn't reached.  Not a long trip - just one that gets some new scenery and some better weather for a week or two.   After that, we'll see where the road takes us. 

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Any escape plans in your future?


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