Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Once Upon a Time... there was Get Smart and the notorious gang that threw a wrench into all the good guys plans called Chaos.  Now, I don't have a phone shoe like Max but I have found a bit of Chaos in my life.  Especially lately.  In fact, a phone shoe would come in handy about now so that I can be reached at a minutes notice in case Chaos makes an appearance.  No remembering to take that cell phone.  Nope, the thing is attached permanently to my foot, assuming I were a one pair of shoe kind of girl.


If you have people in your life, you are guaranteed from time to time to have Chaos. 

The Chaos started this time on a stormy wind-whipped night and followed into a wild search for someone gone missing.  A relative who has serious memory issues had gotten lost, in the dark and inclement weather.  I don't know if even Chaos could replicate the terror this situation creates.  It turned out good in the end, the lost was safely found, but the uneasiness seemed to carry through the weekend.  Different issues, smaller problems they migrated from one person to the next and all  of them solvable to one degree or another, it was still enough to create...

You guessed it, Chaos in my life. 

But in the midst of that Chaos something amazing happened.  My writing will came back.  Not to say in the last few weeks that I wasn't writing.  I was, but the urge to park and write was on a small holiday.  Now with the phone ringing and a crisis it seems every other day or so, the urge to write has parked its chair molded butt down and is here for the long haul.  There's never been a time before when two stories have been open on my computer at the same time and both received equal attention.  Two very different stories but that's, shall we say - another story.

I may have to ban Chaos from my life for apparently it's pushing my imagination into overdrive.  I hear another story hammering at the wings and I have to tell it to be quiet.  There's really no time right now.  I'll rough draft the idea and then it's going to have to shut the door and settle down - for now.  And with any luck, the Chaos will do the same.


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