Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada - Party On

It's Canada Day today, the country's birthday, 144 years old today, and I have that feeling of a kid left out of a birthday party. 


British Columbia
I'm not in Ottawa where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Wills and Kate, are spending day two of their Canadian tour.  It would be a chance of a lifetime to be in the nation's capital on July 1 at any time never mind with the newly wed second to the throne in attendance.  The city has gone all out for the event.  And just to be part of that excitement would be unimaginable.  But I suppose we do have news feeds.

So after a brief glimpse at a video or two I realize that whether I'm in Ottawa or not, it's a beautiful day outside and there's celebrations planned across the city.  It's time to get out and appreciate what the country has given me and generations of those that came before me.

But before I close - here's a recipe for those of you with a culinary bent - another recipe for rhubarb - apparently a truly Canadian plant.   Click here for rhubarb muffins.  

Happy Birthday Canada!  



Lisa McManus Lange said...

Happy Canada day to you! Yes, wishing I was in Ottawa right about now....would need to get a fancy dress though - but I can't compete with Kate! Happy writing, and Happy Canada day! Lisa

Ryshia Kennie said...

Lisa - You might need the hat too! Love the one Kate was wearing today. Hope you're having a great day - we're a little more than two hours from firecrackers and the days end. Happy B-Day Canada!