Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the Grief Goes On

If it plugs into a wall this week I want nothing to do with it.  That goes for computers, TV's and any other electronic device including those that allege that batteries aren't the same as plugging directly into an electrical outlet.  They're from that family - that family of gadgets that has caused me nothing but grief these last few days.

In fact I'm so annoyed I might just consider using a pen or at the very least, a good old-fashioned typewriter!

After wrestling with the computer, I decided to record a show for later.  And another wrestling match ensued when record refused to comply.  Not even dire threats of bodily harm would change its little electronic heart.  I finally realized that I have the upper hand and disconnected it from the wall.  It's amazing what a good old-fashioned jump start will do.

Boa Constrictor - Singapore
But the biggest annoyance of all this week was my blog.  Blogger had me yanking my hair out - maybe not literally but I sure was considering it.  I imagine it was rather like wrestling with an uncooperative snake?  What happened?  Well, I took a risk.  You can't get anywhere if you don't take a risk and sometimes if you take a risk, you can't get far.  The risk I took wiped out my sidebar information and half my post.  Not good when hosting an author on book tour.  With traffic for the day higher than normal I didn't risk reposting - after all considering the day so far - who knew what might happen next.  So I made do with a temporary patch and limped through the day.

Electronics and me this week are on the outs.   Although I'm pleased to report that today we've returned to speaking terms.  The blog is up and running - properly.  I discovered that a complete wipe out and retype of the last post combined with a deletion of the post just prior, which proved to be the originating problem - only an hour or two or three or... of work and research - solved the problem.

What I've learned from this fiasco - besides the fact that sometimes a fix really is a case of luck and a jump start.  The one big lesson - never trust code you didn't enter yourself and never trust the fact that just because the post looks great on one browser that it looks good on them all.  A lesson learned the hard way. 

Now it's Saturday, blistering hot and with the problem that irked me for so many hours resolved, its time to kick back and enjoy the rest of the weekend. 

The question is do I dare hit publish on this post - or would that be pushing my luck too far?

Guess what - I'm going for it.

You - what do you do when it looks like luck might be waffling?



Donna said...

Scream, jump up and down, cry, yell - all or one of the above at times. Then I quietly sit down and work the problem out! lol Donna

Loved the post, Tweeted it, and posted it to my Facebook page (My Life. One Story at a Time.) I am following here and would love to invite you to my blog. Hope you like it there and follow back.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Awesome Donna thanks for the tweets and facebook!! Yes I yelled, threw a slight tantrum and then let it mellow for a day before addressing the problem calmly. I didn't think anything would work - add sometimes pessimist to my flaws - but you're right it did!!

Re your blog - I headed right over and took a look, I think I'll be delving much deeper into your blogger world in future. I also gave you a follow.

Lisa McManus Lange said...

Ack! Sorry to read of your electronic and cell phones don't get along. I only first purchased one two years ago out of necessity. Dropped it the other day, smashed it to bits, and after a few tears and a few Rolaids, got it working with the help of my teenage son...I miss rotary phones - but they would be too heavy for my purse. Glad all is well! Lisa McManus Lange

Ryshia Kennie said...

Lisa - I can just picture the rotary phone sticking out of your purse - along with that typewriter of yours :)