Thursday, June 16, 2011

Writing and The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Writing isn't an easy business at least that's been my experience.  Maybe it is when you've made it and then again, maybe not.  All I know is where I'm at, published, and still maybe somewhere near the halfway mark of the hill that marks a writing career.  It can be confusing at times.  Not just confusing, some days it's just plain frustrating.  These last weeks have been a classic example.  There's been valleys and peaks and nothing in between.  My days went from accepting an award for my writing to rejection from a publisher who thought another work was not quite what they were looking for. 

City of Regina Writing Award
It was like standing on a podium with two different audiences.  Turn right and hear clapping, turn left and smack - a thumbs down.   Who to believe - which way to turn?

Maybe there's validity in both of them.  The people on the right confirmed that yes, I have a place in this crazy writing industry.  The people on the left reminded me that the world is bigger than one city's award and competition is stiff - keep upping the ante.  

It boils down to you have to love to write to succeed in this business,  that or become road kill beneath the cogs of the publishing industry.   I was reminded of that love as I watched the Stanley Cup playoffs and the smile that never seemed to leave the face of the Boston Bruins goalie.  Tim Thomas appears to love what he did.  How else do you explain his smile that never faltered even when a goal slipped into his net in one of the earlier games.  He loved what he was doing and he brought his best to every game.  Despite the pressure of being the one man on the team that seems to shoulder most of the blame for any goal against his team, he smiled.  And in the end that love and determination succeeded and we all know how that turned out.  A small little award for his team called the Stanley Cup and most valuable player for him. 

Tim Thomas is a reminder that despite the odds, in his case considerable to get to the NHL alone, one can succeed by upping their game, smiling and getting to work.  

And for me - there's still a framed reminder that says yes I can write and fortunately, no one has yet framed a rejection! 

And if there's a writing bone in your body, check out this little gem "Hooked" by Les Edgerton.

What gets you over the hump of a bad day?


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