Thursday, June 9, 2011

Award, Revelation or Both?

Today is a new day and it feels rather anti-climatic.  It's a quiet day post award ceremonies.  Yesterday I accepted the City of Regina Writing Award.  Amazing to win as the award is time-honoured and the competition was impressive.  

Weeks ago I was excited when I received the news.  Then the other shoe fell.  That's when I was informed that not only would I be giving a reading but the award ceremony would be "all about me." 

Freeze frame.

Fortunately, that statement wasn't completely true.  It was all about me and two others.  Two accomplished writers who came in runners-up.  Together it was our night but in the end it was only me, reading on that stage.  

Exciting for some people, maybe.  For me - no.  I've no interest in being on stage.  But on stage I was, for the first time facing a mike and giving a reading.  It turned out much better than I expected.  No melting into a little puddle or bolting for the exit.  Although I must admit the MC did a wonderful job of calming slightly jangled nerves.  In fact half way into it all I was beginning to enjoy it.  There were revelations while I was up there.  A - a mike isn't the evil enemy I'd once considered it.  B - if you play this thing right you actually are in charge of the audience - okay I didn't get there but I realized the possibilities. 

Another thing - Do you know that from that podium on stage you can see exactly what each member of the audience is doing?  Remember that the next time you talk to your neighbour mid-speech or decide to catch a small nap during that slightly long sermon.

But that aside - I met a wonderful community of writers that welcomed me.  They were generous in sharing industry news and tips and were interested in my journey as well. 

It was a night of firsts, although I've been interviewed before, I have never faced a TV camera.  So when the TV camera came trundling in, I was thankful that I faced its roving jaws near the end of the reading.  Still, it was an experience to learn to focus on the reporter's questions and realize that the answers came readily and the camera was really just that, a camera - despite the size of that lens.  

So that might have been my five minutes of fame - and if it was, I lived to tell the tale.



Lisa McManus Lange said...

Congratulations! What a coup! And what an experience, to say the least! Sit back, have a glass of wine to celebrate...and keep writing! Good for you! Lisa McManus Lange

Ryshia Kennie said...

Thanks Lisa! It was all rather surreal especially the next day. Interesting that you should say keep writing - because I was surprised that my first inclination was to "take a break." And we all know that taking a break can be deadly. So thanks for the reminder and the congrats!!

Teresa said...

Yay! Yay!! Yay!!!

Congratulations on your awesome award - (that you worked hard for and deserve wholeheartedly). We are so proud of you! Your reading was well done and you fell into step after a few minutes. Your acceptance speech was well written and delivered like a pro! There was one row of people in particular out there filled with happiness and joy for you. I am waiting now in anticipation for the crazy weather patterns of love and romance (mixed with adventure) in Absolute Zero. And yes Neil...there was a volcano in there!

PS - Now you have an idea of what it's like to be a teacher - minus the podium and fancy stage! Thankfully your "class" was well managed on their own!

Ryshia Kennie said...

T - I sure hope there was a volcano - otherwise I've been having crazy dreams LOL. And that row of people - what would I do without you guys - my very own cheering section!! Merci merci b!