Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ladybugs, Voles and the CIA

One moment I'm watching another vole scurry across the easement, there's an influx this year, and the next I'm reading up on the CIA - or what information I can get my hands on.  Gardening and writing/research - kind of hand in glove or maybe keyboard in wheelbarrow.

It's odd how a day can unfold or maybe that's unravel.  I plan to do one thing and the next thing I know I'm doing battle with an influx of ladybugs.  There's been more this year of almost everything it appears; snow, voles, ladybugs.  I like one out of three - not too bad.  Although, even though they're not the one out of three, I must say the voles are kind of cute as long as they'd keep their numbers down and stay far away my yard and from any trees or shrubs I may hold dear.

But the CIA, yes back to that - spies and crime and good old romantic suspense.  The research varies depending on the threat the characters might face.  Often there's no intelligence operative at all, just a romance, a villain or two, and some fast thinking on the part of the characters.  But it's these things I think about today as I dig weeds and brush off ladybugs.  And in case you think this is a daily routine - not.  Some days my thoughts are on more mundane things like what's for supper.  Apparently today, supper didn't quite work out - it's takeout lasagna and a coupon that wasn't quite the deal it seemed to present. 

Is real life stranger than fiction?  I think so.  Even though sometimes it feels like the twist in the latest plot might be a bit too much and sometimes it is and there's a rewrite.  But other times I take a break and check the news. Most days things are pretty calm out there on our little planet.  But some days the news is one step short of unbelievable.  And sometimes it's just plain coincidental.

Today, for example, my story has strayed from threat of the human kind and moved to one of a different sort and sure enough there's a real life, similar story.  Hey, I had the idea first!  I can't help it if Mother Nature had to jump in.  Not that it matters, my story will take it's own spin on things.

And speaking of a spin on things.  Do you take the news to heart or do you always have a spin of your own?


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