Monday, March 7, 2011

On the Edge of Spring

Nothing but snow, snow, snow - no flowers

There's no visual sign of spring up here in the frozen North.  The snow hasn't budged a centimeter and the thermometer is determined to continue it's spate of record lows.  But something is changing.  Beneath the surface there's rumblings.  The trilling of birds, a variety of songs previously unheard since sometime in mid-fall are tentatively testing their voices and in the stripped and shivering trees...

Okay, enough already!  Let me just say that it's still flipping freezing up here.  And yes, there seem to have been a few birds crazy enough to arrive on the early flight. Other than that, it's cold - crazy cold!  So on a day when again, as I've posted before, I'm sick of winter, this time I mean it.  And I'm seeing the signs that everyone else is feeling the same way.  Change is in the air.   Hubbie is culling items we've stored for decades, things I'd either forgotten we owned or why we had kept it.   That is when he's not unnerving me and standing silently in my office and looking at my office walls.   He's moving into renovation mode and I'm not sure when to gather my laptop and run.  Meantime the dog also senses a change in the air and has hauled out every stuffed animal he owns.  And for a dog with a fetish for stuffed animals, that's a lot.  Forget vacuuming, it's a project to contain the wildlife.

Seriously, as the calendar says that it's almost time for winter to wind down, I'm beginning to panic.  I've finished one story and begun another and there's one waiting to be finished.  Never mind a slight matter of a grant application whose deadline is now only days away.   Not that winter is my only time to write.  It's just that after a long winter, the thought of a warm day seems that it should be savoured on the deck with a glass of your favourite drink in hand. 
And on a completely different topic.  I had a fantastic surprise this morning when I opened my mail and read that  this blog, Once Upon a Time... was named by Masters in Project Management in a post called The Tales of Tale-Tellers: The Top 50 Novelist Blogs as one of the top romance novelist blogs!  How wow is that?  Head on over and check it out.


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