Friday, March 25, 2011

Disaster Ahead - Take a Break

My life is a disaster.   Not on every level, just from a writing perspective.  My physical space is in turmoil.  In fact last weekend I didn't write at all.  A break - now that should be a refreshing change.  But there's something about living amidst a disaster that takes the refreshing right out of the break.

So what is said disaster? 
Renovations have caused an office disaster.

The basement is being renovated and that's where my office is.  So the refreshing break became a chance to haul nail pocked boards to the garage for future disposal, sweep sawdust, tear out nails and rip up carpet.

A contractor I'm not.  Agile - maybe.  At least so I thought as I dangled from two by fours and removed nails.  That was until I reached the two by four that was held up by only one nail.  Of course, I learned that after the fact.  It was a slow dance from ground to floor as I hung in mid-air before maneuvering around obstacles and safely jumping off before it hit the ground.  Not bad all things considered, no injuries or broken tools - and hey, I still had my hammer in hand. 

My basement is full of electric tools and I'm comfortable with none of them.  I'm sure some of them may have featured in a horror movie or two.   And my dislike of them all was justified when the nailer attempted to take off someone's thumbnail.  Apparently, a dab of crazy glue fixes that!  All I know is that it was a relief to see that there was no blood. 

Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it,
I think you're gonna feel
Like you belong,
A nocturnal vacation,
Unnecessary sedation,
You want to feel at home
Cause you belong,
Welcome to my nightmare.

With an office hiding behind an old sheet, I've been away from the computer more this week than I've been sitting in front of it.  Definitely not the norm.  A friend actually had to phone me after there was no response to her e-mails.  Usually e-mail is a fairly efficient way to get my attention.  Not this week. 

An old flannel sheet becomes a dust break.
I learned something from being away from the computer.  The longing to write came back.  Not that I didn't want to write - but that sense of anticipation to get that line down got to be savoured more times than it was acted on.   I can no longer blithely charge to the computer especially when even getting into the basement is no longer a matter of just running down the stairs.  It's an obstacle course down there, complete with a wayward nail or two - shoes are a necessity.  So hours go by and I have to collect those fantastic lines and wonderful ideas (that's the great thing about the muse - each word screams that it's the best you ever wrote, until edits reveal otherwise) before I write anything down.  Yes, I know I have heard of pen and paper - but...give me my computer any day.  Besides, one idea always leads to a paragraph and then a page and then...  

So back to the urge to write and the break from writing.  A break is the best thing that ever happened.  It brought back the passion, the bite that makes me ache to write. 

You might ask why I didn't just move my computer upstairs.  But hey, behind the flannel sheet, my office is still intact and the place I want to be - for now.   So now with projects calling, it's time to get to work.  I miss my routine and me and the hammer, despite spending time together, will always be reluctant partners.

Anything different in your week?



Marcia Colette said...

I love it when that happens. You take some time off, and the creative fires are ignited again. That happens whenever I go into reading mode. By the time I'm done reading, I'm thrilled about writing again, even more so than when I stopped.

So far, the only thing different in my week is the chance for a promotion at the day job. Fingers crossed it comes through because it also comes with an office and a nice view. ;-)

Ryshia Kennie said...

Marcia - I never thought of reading mode. My reading has been fragmented for most of this year. Still read lots but not those long stretches where I get to lose myself. You're right though - that does light the fire too.

Re the day job - Awesome - got my fingers double-crossed for you re the promotion with view!