Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow In My Socks

Who knows what is hidden beneath this snowbank.
Today is that day in the long winter months when you just want to stand on a snowbank and scream enough is enough.  Put more mildly, it's surely the doldrums of winter.  I can think of no better term for it.  In fact I can hardly think of any term at all.  My mind is in a freeze frame.  Maybe that's what had me tweeting about the temperature in Siberia only this morning.  Somehow the thought that it was somewhere around -35C made our piddly -25C feel better.  But it's not just the cold, it's the snow, the extra clothes performance, the grinding and grating vehicles.  Wait was that the vehicle or someone's joints?  I thought once that it is too bad that the laws of nature didn't follow the rule that snow comes and goes with the holiday season.  
Enough Snow Already - Christmas is Over

But no such luck, winter is lacing up it's Sorrels and kicking into high gear.   It becomes difficult to visualize my hero sweating under a tropical sun while I'm kicking snow out of my socks.  Is this the true test of the imagination?  I remember Stephen King's "The Shining", didn't Jack do his best work while snowed in?  Wait, I think that little experiment drove Jack over the edge.  

So how do you drive the doldrums of winter away?  A good book, friends, a movie?  


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