Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Chocolate Hearts Are Melting

An illusion of melting.
Another "Hollywood" snow day.

It's hard to believe Valentine's Day is long over.  Or for that matter that the golf courses are set to open in Saskatchewan in less than six weeks.  Has anyone told my neighbourhood friend Mr. Snowman that his time is limited?
I know this morning's temperature at -10C is balmy in comparison to what we've had.  But that's a long way from springtime temperatures. 

It's been a strange year with more what I call "Hollywood Snow" than I could keep track of.  Usually those big fat flakes are rare.  This year, they were the norm.  There is no need to take the stairs into the backyard from the deck, snow has removed any need for stairs.  There's a small mountain range in the back yard.  But mountains of snow or not, while the five foot blanket of snow and ice that covers the front lawn has the appearance of a long term stay, I know I'll soon be wading through slush and soupy puddles of water as the "Hollywood snow" disappears like it never existed.

It's still a white world outside.
In a way I'll be sad to see winter go.  And I'll be the first to say that I can't believe I wrote that line.  Except, that winter is a great time to get things done.  All those projects that you said you would do but didn't because it was just too nice out to remain indoors another minute longer.  Not a problem when the thermometer slides to -25 C and stays there or worse, slides to new records into the land of scary cold.    In the dark of winter when daylight begins after eight in the morning and ends by five at night, that's when renovation projects, cleaning projects, streamlining projects and books are written.  Wait, books - sorry, what was I thinking?  That's a year-round project.

What I won't miss, long nights and short days.  Biting my nails as hubby climbs up on the roof for the second trip that week to shovel off snow before vents are plugged and the weight of the snow causes more problems.  Feeling my face freeze as the wind chill hits -40C. 

What I will miss - the refreshing mist of snowflakes on your skin.  The beauty of a winter wonderland under a brilliant prairie sky, that's crisp, cold and fresh and all yours because it's just too cold for anyone sane to be outside.  And the ability to close the door, retreat from the world and read a good book without one bit of guilt that the yard work needs to be done.

But those days are coming to an end quickly.   The days are already noticeably longer.  The dog has forgotten he's ten and his running around like a hyped up puppy and my allergies are starting to kick in - and that is the first indication that spring is not that far away. 


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