Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Kindle Made My Day

So the other day I was at the doctor.  Not an event I look forward to even when it's something as simple as getting standard test results.  There's always the possibility of bad news.  I mean no one knows for sure and being an eternal optimist, I still have that slight streak of  pessimism that asks what if?  So after running through the reasons why I couldn't go.  It's too cold - nope, been that way since sometime in November.  Too much snow -  nope, it hasn't snowed in a week.  So running out of excuses I bundled up and headed out.

Let me tell you right now that a vet's office wins hands down over a doctor's office as far as being a place of interest.  A doctor's office finds everyone too well behaved.  There is no barking, whining, slobbering or growling.  Not even a slight baring of teeth or a sly attempt to pee on the plants.  No one attacks another patient, snarls, bites or even scratches.  And no one is relegated to a kennel for bad behaviour.  Good thing I brought the Kindle.

But while I'm going on about the vet's office.  Here's one more tidbit.  What do you say when the vet opens the door to the examination room without knocking?  "Shouldn't you have knocked, one of us might be naked?"

But back to the doctor's office, an event that made me a walking advertisement for both the Kindle and Ken Follett's latest book.  I'll be addressing my commission on that later.

I expected the usual wait so being deep in the world of Ken Follett's "Fall of Giants" I thought I'd get in some reading time in the waiting room.  So I settled in to read.  Russian soldiers had just foiled the police but before I can carry on and discover what might happen next in this tension laden scene I hear:  "Is that a Kindle?  I've never seen one." 

And there's a whoosh in the seat next to me as the receptionist makes herself comfortable.  So the remainder of my wait involved showing her the intricacies of the e-reader.  Which I was glad to do.  She loved the idea of ordering a book anywhere, right there if she wanted.  But what I think really sold her was the adjustable print.  Here I can only shrug my shoulders - I don't know why.  I'm sure most e-readers have adjustable print.  But that aside, by the time I was done, she was off to get her own.  Not that I'm promoting Kindle.  Although, I do love mine.  I love the thought of having a library on hand and being able to buy a book anywhere.  But I still love my print books just a little bit more.  

So, my deed to Amazon done, it was time to see the doctor.  Meanwhile, the soldiers are still hanging somewhere in limbo in "Fall of Giants".   I had to wait until I got home to find out what happened to them.  And even then it was a while before supper and other sundries were finally cleared away and the soldiers could reassert themselves in my reality.   But back to the doctor.   He took one look at the e-reader in my hand and wanted to know what I was reading.  When I mentioned "Fall of Giants" it led to a discussion about Ken Follett's writing and migrated to the joys of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings".  Definitely much more interesting than my lack of medical issues.

One little device turned a visit to the doctor into a fairly interesting event.  I mean I got to talk books and that's always good. But the clincher on how Kindle made my day was something the receptionist said, "I don't read much.  Maybe this will get me going."

And I thought I was going to quietly read while I waited!  Books and readers are everywhere.  Have you tripped on any lately?

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