Friday, January 28, 2011

TGIF - It's Almost February!

Do you ever have one of those weeks, in this case one of those months, when the days have rolled up and rolled right over top of you.  That's how I feel as the week ends and the month draws to a close.   It's been a long week - let's not even talk about the month.  I've met a personal deadline, got the latest book off to my critique partner and now I'm going through the slower and slightly lazier process of reading through and brush picking before I get her thoughts back. 

But it's not just books that have flattened me this month.  It's been one of those periods in life where everything seems to happen at once.  In fact, today a friend asked about plans for November.  I laughed.  Right now plans for anything that extend past a week or two seem out of the question.  I'm almost scared to suggest a plan in case it might tempt the fates to make a mockery of it all.

Banks of Snow
Today was a good example of what I mean.  In another version of "The best laid plans of mice and men" I head out for a quick walk to get some fresh air as temperatures have shot up to a balmy few degrees below zero.  I took my usual shortcut on a walkway that cuts between our crescent and the next street, except someone had shoveled snow into the path.  Not just a little snow but all the snow that had previously resided on their roof - a lot of snow - directly into my path.  Hey, we've reached record snowfalls for this time of year - yeah, a record I was anxious to make.

Rourke before the incident.
Anyway, it looked hard enough so I forged on.  I figured I could kind of snowshoe over the top of it with my completely non-snowshoeing boots.   I'm sure if Rourke could speak he would have cursed me out then and there as he sank up to his little belly in snow.  I wasn't feeling too happy myself when snow lodged between my sock and boot and stayed there for the duration of the walk.  Need I mention a small incident with a ripped plastic bag and a present that Rourke left later on the walk - let's only just say ew!

And that's how plans have been going the last little while.  So I stopped, planning that is.  But when I say I'm not planning - now I'm not saying writing goals - they're different.  Those are hanging on my wall as I speak.  Of course the fates have giggled their way through these attempts too and before the end of the weekend I'm on a mission to tweak one or two of them.  But things aren't looking so bad on that front.  Nope, it's the rest of my life that's running right now rather like an errant tank that no one's sure which direction it's going to turn next.  But that's January.  I'm seeing February around the corner and that will be a whole other puppy.

In the meantime TGIF - it's Friday - there's a glass of wine with my name on it and, what some call, some really bad television waiting on the PVR.   What more can one ask?   I'll contemplate the rest next week, or better yet, next month.



Teresa said...

TGIF - it could also mean thank God it's February...

Ryshia Kennie said...

And we're counting the days 'til spring. Did you look at the thermometer this a.m., is that legal?

Marcia Colette said...

It's Feburary. How's it going so far? *G*

I know what you mean by not planning anything for January. It's been a horrible month for me and the little one. I'm determined that February will be much better.

Congrats on getting the book done an off to your crit partner. That alone is a terrific feat.

Teresa said...

Illegal? How about in-SANE!! Everything protested to getting going this morning - the kids, the car, even the house was popping its nails and making strange noises! What will the elusive groundhog predict for us tomorrow? We're shutting down the whole day in my classroom and having some groundhog fun!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Marcia - I've been following your latest venture in the world of publishing. That's a brave and intriguing step, as always I'll cheer you on. Here's to a fantastic Feb. bringing all sorts of good things that stodgy January couldn't.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Hey Teresa - looks like the groundhog took mercy on us. Spring will be early! If that little critter is wrong we'll have to hunt him down.