Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

Calgary, Alberta

Recently I was in Calgary and between that and another trip that's falling on the shoulders of the last, I'm not holding up my usual working schedule.  Add a trip or two to the usual craziness of the holiday season that already includes a number of birthdays, and let's just say that plans, schedule, whatever you want to call it = disaster. 

Writing has suffered a blow or two as time usually dedicated to words has been hammered on all sides.  I did manage to dabble, something I do when I feel overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed, because this year I set my goals just a little higher and so I thought I'd start the year off with a bang - at least writing wise.  And in these first few days of the new year, the opposite occurred. 

Calgary, Alberta - Circa 1885
Maybe I set my goal sights too high - no wait, I didn't.  As I told my critique partner who is suffering early start syndromes of her own, it was only the beginning of the race and a slight stumble off the blocks is nothing.  Really, it's rather like the settlements of long ago eventually growing to a city.  It's the end results that really matters.  This is the year, as I said in a previous blog, that I'd set some bars.

So as time lines shrink and I know that to make the first deadline I must get that story into my critique partner's hands with enough room for the usual back and forth between us before making the last and most important deadline, I panic but only for a moment.  I've been here before, deadlines are what they are and I know what I can do.  I'll make the deadline, at least the one that matters, the one that I promised to someone other than myself.   But first, another short jaunt, this time to Minneapolis - let's just say that next week will be a case of double time catch up.

See you then - with maybe a story or two about life south of the border.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Deadlines - I never shirk unless they're made to self.   That's my dirty little secret, what's yours?


P.S.  remember we're trying to go, as the movies say, pg.  So, despite the title of this post  - you'll have to spare us the real dirt.

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