Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There's Tinsel On My Keyboard!

The crazy days of pre-Christmas planning are finally winding down.   The presents are bought, mostly.  And the tree made it up just four days ago.  It's a small tree and because of that you wouldn't think it could cause much grief but it did.  The three strands of lights that tangle with each other every year and would be a puzzle addicts dream, takes an hour to unravel.  But the lights are up, and glowing in true Charlie Brown glory.

No, I'm not the Grinch but it is true that I once used a Dieffenbachia as a Christmas tree.  I've upgraded since then but lets be truthful here, decorating, except for Halloween, really isn't my thing.  Besides, I'm pretty sure no one would appreciate my macabre collection at this time of year.  

All that aside, I  am the queen of creative wrap having wrapped gifts using anything from shells and stones for decorations to material from well-loved but obsolete garments.  So while hubbie makes this year's rum balls I'm wrapping and wrapping and...

And the writing, well I still need to get a word count but I've learned to be slightly more flexible.  The pre-Christmas whirl means that over this last week no morning's work is complete without a phone call for one reason or another.   It means getting up a tad earlier, in order to get out the door before the shopping crowds.  It means sneaking to the freezer at ten o'clock for just one more frozen treat. And it means that I've almost broken my neck twice over that missing pair of scissors that just happened to be lurking on the office floor.  Yep, I'm being much more creative in trying to get that word count over the last week. 

And for all you writers out there and even non-writers, here's a contest from Gotham Writers' Workshop.  It caught my eye right away as there's an iPad and Amazon kindle up for grabs, as well as a whole collection of other prizes.  Here's the link:  The Writers' Wishlist Sweepstakes. 

Happy Holidays!

Or are you looking forward to the boxing day wind down?



Lisa McManus Lange said...

Your tripping over the scissors is comparable to my stepping on the plastic tape dispenser, leaving it in a pile of broken plastic; luckily no stitches required. Merry Christmas, and bundle up, over there! Lisa McManus Lange

Ryshia Kennie said...

Lisa - Glad it all ended well - I can relate to those close calls, stitches - almost. Re bundling up - we've had a temperature rush - a balmy minus 6 C I may take out my shorts LOL.
Merry Christmas!

ann said...

Sounds like me this year. Tiny tree just a few decorations . None in the computer room so no tinsel on mine LOL
Hate to wrap it looks like the dog tore the packages up.
amhengst at verizon dot net

Red said...

Love your tree :) We go Charlie Brown here too. This year way too tall (my angel had to be a fallen once since there was no room on the top for her) and was really skinny. Looked like a gawky teenage boy who just had a growth spurt.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Ann, Red - great to see other Charlie Browners out there. I imagine your Christmas was still fab despite and maybe because of the tree. Good luck!