Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dance in Rangoon - Dance Anywhere

You know the days, when it's one thing after another.  As you're juggling one ball, three more come at you.  Or the days when the bad news seems to have received no expiration date.  It just keeps flying in and you think the universe has either narrowed its sights on one mortal - what are the odds with six billion or so to choose from - either that or life just has a warped kind of humour.

Annual School Parade, Rangoon, Myanmar/Burma
When life gives you lemons make lemonade.  You know, I'm thinking, put a little gin in that lemonade then call it good.

Today was one of those days, minus the gin.  And that is the reason for this post and the question - What else are you going to do other than juggle those balls and keep on going?  Well, there is one other thing.  Dance.

That's right, dance.  Wildly, out of control and preferably alone.  Why, because at the end of a not so great day, because you can, because it just makes you feel good.  Alone?  Why subject anyone else to what is obviously not going to be a performance of Dancing with the Stars.  Shake your head at me, call me crazy.  Give it a shot.

Meantime, I'm back at it, the next chapter not in my life but in the lives of my characters, those fictional people I like to persecute from time to time.  Yep and that new chapter - I'm thinking I might want to re-read before getting at things tomorrow.  Who knows what I may have written but hopefully it wasn't in a fit of pique.

Until tomorrow.  Dance.



Bob said...

I am so happy to discover your blog and your blog roll...all sorts of discoveries await me. I'm excited...hold on....I feel like....dancing!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Thanks for the laugh, Bob. I have to say I've been quietly enjoying your blog for a few months now.

My blog roll - I think it's due for a much needed update. Not that whose there isn't interesting - there's just so many more, yours included, I've found since the last update that make me want to dance. Isn't that always the case?