Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Road Block - Veer?

"I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle 
with human emotions." ~James Michener

I don't think it could be said any better and occasionally a writer needs a reminder of who they are and what they love to do.  I know I do.  And right now is one of those times.  

Why is it that when life is chugging along without a hitch, the road blocks appear?  That's what the last week has been for me.  So what to do?  Life isn't without the unexpected, I suppose that's what keeps us from slipping into auto pilot.  Every so often we must veer around something.  I suppose that's why life is called a journey or maybe more aptly a road trip.

When life's road trip hits a pothole or two or even a boulder, do you change course or just keep pushing forward?  I know that's a wide open question.  The decision is different every time.  The  recent road block  I think will require some rerouting of the journey.  Plans made, habits forged are no longer working, time for a change.  But that's not a bad thing - it keeps everything fresh and interesting.

For me - one of the changes is more exercise and with that thought I promptly discovered a blog post on how to exercise anywhere, check it out here.  Exercise anywhere - hmmm - even when life isn't chugging quite so smoothly. And a start this morning I actually took that coffee go-cup further than my writing desk - I headed outside with go-cup in hand and Rourke prancing along ahead.  Eight in the morning is usually when I'm parked at my computer, instead I was watching the antics of school kids as they surged like a school of small fish for the school entrance threatening to smother the waiting teacher.  And I smiled as I watched two stragglers who sauntered up the hill metres away from the others.  I remembered doing the same as a child - refusing to be corralled by the sound of a bell and following the theory that by the time the herd gets through the door, I would have enjoyed five more minutes of freedom and still have arrived on time. 

So with snow on the horizon, I ask what's new in Saskatchewan, it's time to get out the map and reconfigure.  Just another step in the process of shifting gears.

And you - do you push through the road blocks or do you shoulder through?


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